All my bags are packed ~I’m ready to go…( John Denver)

Only a week to go!!!
I’ve actually been training with my loaded pack for a couple of months now to get use to the weight. I’m really pleased with my Osprey Tallon 44L. It is lightweight and compact with an inner frame for easy handling. I would have liked a brighter colour but black was the only one available at the time and let’s face it, its not a fashion parade!

The Talon

The Talon

What’s in the Backpack!!
Blue Dress ( for day/nightwear) (168g)
Kathmandu Fleece jumper (269g)
Merino long sleeve shirt (179g)
1x Thermaplus pants (168g)
1x Kathmandu shorts (wearing long pants which are zip off shorts) (183g)
1x Columbia long sleeved fishing shirt (wearing the other) (245g)
Ix short sleeved cotton shirt (77g)
3 x light-wt underwear(wearing another) (92g)
1x Injinji toe socks (30g)
1 x Thousand mile ankle support socks (34g)
1x Merino socks (outer socks) (54g)
1x polyester gloves for warmth (45g)
1x bra (wearing another) (83g)
Gortex Raincoat (412g)
Waterproof pants (197g)
Scarf (109g)
Shoes- Keen Sandals (620g)
Aussie Soles Thongs (200g)

Toiletries bag (1.24Kg)
Tooth brush(15g) and toothpaste (45g)
3B Body saver cream (75g)
Curash powder (100g)
Aloe Vera Gel (30g)
sachets with shampoo and moisturizer.
Soap and container (126g)
+++++ more- I know I probably went overboard here.

Sundries-Clothes washing liquid, line and repair kit in a bag (167g)
Swiss army pocket knife (37g)
Spork (11g)
Suncream 50+ (128g)
Tissues (80g)
Leg tips for walking poles (107g)
Exercise Book (140g)
Camino Guide Book (305g)

Medical Kit (408g)
Earplugs, tweezers, medications (panadol, loritadine, stemetil, brufen)
Dressing products
Nurofen cream
Antiseptic first aid powder
Knee brace
Neck cools x2

Sleeping bag (870g)
Bed bug Guard (214g)
Pack cover (94g)
Travel wipes (120g)
Inflatable Pillow (90g)
Water bottles- 1 x 500ml; 1 x 750ml
Osprey 44L Talon backpack with attached sundries (1.2kg)

TOTAL- 8.73KG without water!!

In my over-the-shoulder carry bag- camera, passport, purse.

I know, I know, I know……it’s a lot of stuff and I’m sure some items will be “released” on the way but I’ll see how I go.

Last Panaroma training walk.

Last Panaroma training walk.


15 thoughts on “All my bags are packed ~I’m ready to go…( John Denver)

    • I’m glad you approve. Now can you come to Spain and carry my bag haha
      I’m excited and apprehensive about the Camino but bring it on I say 🙂

  1. Afternoon Chelle – WOW only one week away and you have packed so much in your travelling shell. Wishing you everything there is to wish for your walk.
    Please kep us updated whenever possible. Heaps and heaps of luv from No.11

    • I hope I’ll be able to give you some great photos to pine over before your Camino. I’ve been counting the days for such a long time now that I can hardly believe its almost here.
      Thanks for following Jane


  2. You are so organised Michelle, having taken many months to do your prep well. Congratulations 🙂 Travel safe.

    love Sue and Michael

  3. Hi Michelle – Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I am pleased you found me because now – I can follow you! As you are three days in front of me, I can learn what to do from you – and perhaps? what not to do? 🙂 I hope we will meet up, but I will not be going very fast, so I don’t know how good my chances are of catching you. We can have a lot of fun regardless – communicating along the way. Buen Camino

    • Haha Peter. I’ll carry those vital supplies internally.
      All I have to do is follow the yellow arrows and we’ll be in Santiago in no time.
      Watch this space.
      Love Michelle

  4. I cannot believe it is almost D-day! I’m sure this will be the most amazing experience for you. I can’t wait to follow your journey and hear all about it when we meet up. You will be in my thoughts and prayers each day. Love you my friend xxoo

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