What a difference a day makes….(Dinah Washington)

This song went through my head many times today as we walked the 21km to Zubiri. The sun was shining and the mud paths were clear. Great walking weather…fresh in the morning and pleasant in the afternoon.  Also only 5hrs walking and mostly downhill.


Fresh in weather and mood as this sign is only a 5min walk from the hostel!


The Aussie Crawl

We found out that 195 pilgrims slept in Roncesvalles last night. Luckily the hostel can hold 300 souls and sleep came easily to us all.


We are quite a community now and are recognizing many pilgrims as we drift forward and backward on the way.
Today we are staying in Zubiri which is the town before the suggested stop on the Brierley guide, so we will miss a few faces but meet new ones as others are continuing on. Five hours was enough for us today. We are easing our bodies into a rhythm and are listening to them scream….enough already!




5 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes….(Dinah Washington)

  1. Good work girls. It was great to talk to you tonight my friend. Always love to hear your voice. Hope the weather stays kind for the remainder of your journey. Look after those feet, and the rest of your bodies for that matter haha. Lots of love – have fun xxoo

  2. If you still want to follow me on my blog, I think I have fixed the problem you wrote about. I now have a +follow at the top of my page. I don’t think it was there before. Ozvikingcamino.wordpress.com let me know if it still doesn’t work please.

  3. The time here is 9.40 am so I hope you are still sleeping right now, two lovely girls. The pics are lovely- Springtime in The Pyrenees. How great to be there. It is good to see the road signs are universal and you are obeying same. Take care. Much Love A.Moll and U.J.

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