I’m walking on sunshine (whoa oh) ~and don’t it feel good …. (Katrina and the Waves)

Day 3 and it just keeps getting better.
We left the Zubiri albergue around 6.30am a  little sleep deprived (as usual) due to the two church bells chiming on the hour every hour but a minute apart. I counted in 11, 2, 3, 4 and after 5 bells it was time for me to rise.


Naturally lovely.

We departed a little after our camino companions Manuel and Irene (60 plus yr old Spanish Australians from Woolongong). We have been travelling back and forth together since meeting on the bus in Bayonne.  It is their second camino and they are enjoying things a little slower this time, our pace as well!


A beautiful place for a coffee.

The weather could not have been better. A bright blue sky with the gentle breeze at our back travelling away from the rising sun. The wildflowers were bright and abundant and scattered along the way. We traversed gentle inclines and alongside the running cool water of the rio Arga.


Everyone was happy and jovial. We shared jokes with 2 Danish ladies who looked like sisters but were just friends who bought the same backpacks.  I talked for a while with another Danish man about our mutual love of Eurovision. He also congratulated me on sharing Princess Mary with his nation. Another French man who started his camino in Bordeaux with a 35kg backpack had whittled his possessions down to 17kg. Still too heavy but now more manageable.  Everyone was happy to walk and talk and we were all in agreement that the day was gorgeous.


After 6hrs we strolled into the medieval Portal de Francia and entered Pamplona. We checked into the Albergue Jesus y Maria, a 17th C Jesuit church, now holding 114 beds in 2 rooms, then walked around the town and had a late lunch in the Cafe Irun- an old Hemmingway haunt but he seems to be everywhere in Pamplona.


Albergue for the night.


Cafe Irun

Currently resting before heading out for dinner later and dreaming of tomorrow’s climb. Maybe I need a bull behind me to get up the mountain!



13 thoughts on “I’m walking on sunshine (whoa oh) ~and don’t it feel good …. (Katrina and the Waves)

    • Thanks Sue. Hopefully the body willl hold out but I have some amazing 60 and 70 yr old companions that remind me that I have little to complain about! Xx

  1. Like Sue p I am loving following your journey via your posts. So good to have great weather and beuatiful sunshine. Just one foot in front of the other as they say…. lots of love xxoo

  2. Hi Hi Chelle and friend – great haring from you almost daily – at least four days down only 36 days to go.(that was mean of me). I am loving your ‘blogs’ and keeping up with your progess. From your photos it almost feels like we are here with you. Keep on Keeping on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Di

  3. So many memories, so much fun! Great to see you powering on, loving it & soaking it all in! Your blog is AWESOME!

  4. Thank you for the daily updates Michelle and the pics to go with it. Weather looks stunning there today. It does feel as if we’re all involved our end.


    Sue xx

    • You are welcome Sue. The weather has been great since the first Camino day. The sun has a real bight to it and the wind can burn as well. Lots of suncream being applied 🙂
      You must be close to going to Canada now.
      I hope you have a great trip 🙂
      Xxx Michelle

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