It’s a brand new day… the sun is shining…It’s a brand new day.. (Joshua Radin)

It is starting to feel like groundhog day!


Over the bridge and far away!

The rhythm of the day starts sneaking around at 6am trying to pack quietly whilst not waking the other 7+ pilgrims in the cramped albergue room.


Then it is off to find breakfast, coffee and pastry for under 3 Euro.  Whilst the village sleeps the click clack of pilgrims sticks follow the arrows or shells out of the town and onto pathways that lead up and over hills.


Goodbye Puente La Reina.


Shadow chasing!

Today we walked through a particularly stunning hilltop town of Cirauqui. Gorgeous from afar, desolate in nature as the locals don’t tend to become active to well after 9am on a Saturday.



A world map planted by the local school.

Magically a shop will appear at the top of a steep section as exhausted pilgrims revive with a cold drink or get recharged on caffeine.

Then there is the decision to stop for lunch or power through to the next village for a late lunch. The later has worked for us, as after checking into accomodation and washing the dust off a 20+ km day, we feel more human.


Lunch- crusty bread with prosciutto and local cheese.

Now you may be thinking that the hard stuff is over …..but no. Preparing your bed with the bedbug guard and sleeping bag- this is so you can finally sit down. Then you have to wash today’s clothes (remembering that you have only two sets). Examine and repair your feet and any other injury. Plan for the next days walk- where you will aim for and the name of the Albergue. Then there is planning tonight’s meal and tomorrow’s snacks or as I like to call the pre-breakfast energy boost so you can take the first step (usually a piece of fruit). A nap is adviced before you hit the town around 7pm. You don’t want to be sleeping in your 3 course pilgrim’s meal. The diary and blog are written. Before stumbling back to your bed around 9-10pm for a restless sleep before starting it all again in the morning.


The army to the rescue

Tonight has been slightly different. As we wondered the streets of Estella we were witness to a reenactment of a war 190yrs ago between the French and Spanish. I’m not sure who won but it was all very exciting. 
The end of the day has come. Goodnight until we do it all again tomorrow 🙂


7 thoughts on “It’s a brand new day… the sun is shining…It’s a brand new day.. (Joshua Radin)

  1. Love the crusty bread, prosciutto and cheese – jealous! So enjoying your daily posts and journeying with you without the effort haha. Forward ho! Lots of love xo

  2. Hello

    We are so enjoying your story. It looks as though all your training is working well for you. I think (know) I would have to hire a Donkey Cart to achieve what you are doing. The photography is excellent. Surfing the Channels the other day and we came upon Jamie Does the Pyrenees – French cooking. We watched with more interest than we would otherwise. If you can try to find a place- café or other that serves Confit of Duck. You won’t be sorry .

    Everyone is well here. Your Mum and Dad are doing well, so do not fret at all. We attended Ben’s Pre ball Party at his home last evening. Thirteen couples looked just beautiful and so did the parents – 50 in all. That was 4-6pm. Hannah, Emma, Poppa and I were so pleased we weren’t expected at the Ball or the After Party – expected to end at 2am.

    Looking forward to more News from The Pyrenees.

    Much Love A Moll and U J.

  3. getting up every morning to see what has hapened overnight. By now you must be getting into some sort of routine, Onward and upward. Luv Di

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