Walk on by…don’t stop…just walk on by… ( Dionne Warwick)


Day 6 and we were finally brave enough to walk beyond the recommended stage. Instead of walking 21.1km we went a further 7km down the path to Sansol, a sleepy village which happened to be a fantastic place to collapse.  We are staying in an albergue which only opened 7 days ago with a wonderful owner and the best shower so far.



But I digress. ….we started the day changing our water into wine (well it is Sunday!). There is a winery called Bodegas Irache which provides pilgrims with a free wine fountain for their travels. Don’t you just love Spain!


We also stopped for a break in the field where a past Spanish pilgrim has set up a food van. When he lost his job recently he saw an opportunity to make a living providing some bocodillas and cold drinks for those on the camino. Great spot and probably half the people stopped.


There was also a young man who was sitting on the side of the path playing flamenco on his guitar with hat out. It made the last few kms more enjoyable.  The Spanish economy is disastrous but the spirit of these enterprising trio is uplifting. As is our mood this afternoon as we wait for our communal meal that we have been hungrily smelling and licking our lips in anticipation.





3 thoughts on “Walk on by…don’t stop…just walk on by… ( Dionne Warwick)

  1. I can’t believe it is already Day 6. Looks like the weather is still being kind to you. I hope you had a wine for me haha. Tell Tanya that I love the camel. Lots of love xo

    • We have been told that “the weather she is changing today!” So hopefully it won’t change too much 🙂
      I’ll tell Tania that you like Clyde the Camel. I’ve lost count how many times someone has commented that the camel should be carrying her!

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