Some days are diamonds, some days are stones….(John Denver)


After a week on the way, we have walked 164km and this is what I have learnt…

Take time to talk with your fellow pilgrims.
We met a retired English lady walking the reverse direction today.  She said that she had walked the camino many times since 1999 and felt this was her last so wanted to walk it from Santiago back. This lady enjoyed a chat and loved the fact we were Australian as she had met many Aussies on her way. She oozed a life fulfilled in every sun-cracked line on her face and as she strode away with her silver-shelled earings and her umbrella strapped to one of her walking poles, I felt privileged to have met her.


Walking out of Sansol

If you are having a bad day,  look around you.
There was a young family of four from Finland staying at our albergue last night. Not so unusual except the husband was blind with a guide dog and the wife would push the 2 children aged 3 and 4 in a stroller with all their gear. They were so happy to be doing this trip together. Not a word of complaint or an unhappy face.
We also met a Swiss lady about 65yr old walking with her 40yr old son. She had taken a fall a few days ago and was had a bad graize on her right elbow. She proudly said that her son was lovingly helping as she completed her camino.


The Swiss are ahead of us.

If you have an injury…..stop and rest.
This we are learning today as Tania’s blisters have worsened with her right heal now infected and painful. She had put comfeel on it over the last two days and thought it was manageable to walk the 21km from Sansol to Logrono today but alas was limping the last few kms. She will be catching the bus for the next few days to allow her heel to heal. She feels very disappointed but we still have over 500km ahead of us that she will be able to walk again when all is well.


Don’t always follow the book.
We were delighted with last nights accomodation -not in the book or a scheduled stop. The owners set us off this morning with freshly squeezed orange juice and warm buttered toast. The facilities were far better than the usually overcrowded municipal albergues. Take a chance and you will be surprised and delighted.


Approaching Viana

Spain is beautiful.
The variety of landscapes we have traversed have all been visually spectacular. Graffiti is limited and usually wishing a “buen camino”. The pathways have been road, cobblestone,  grass, dirt, stones, leaf mulch, gravel and mud. The wildflowers are colourful and abundant. Fields of grass sway in the breeze like green oceans. Cloudless blue horizons in all directions as white vapor trails crisscross the sky.


Beside the road for a while today.

The last few kilometers are always the hardest.
I don’t know why this is so but if it a 20km day or a 30km day, the last 3km can feel like 100km. You can see the town but it just isn’t getting any closer.  Bodies are tired and the mind plays tricks…it just isn’t fair!


The bridge into Logrono.




14 thoughts on “Some days are diamonds, some days are stones….(John Denver)

  1. Those boots are made for walking,,,,, Keep going . Tans feet will be happy for the rest and will be much better after a few days on the bus.. We are sitting on your shoulders and enjoying the view. Jack Brabham died yesterday.. Walk a few ks in rememberance of Jack. He would have been interested and proud of you…Mum

  2. Way to go Michelle! I can hear the smile behind your words; you sound like you are thoroughly enjoying all the challenges of the Camino!
    I’m very happy for you and I’m loving your posts and photos!
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

  3. I am so proud of your efforts and so happy that one week down you are still finding such joy on your journey. Imagine how much more is still to come! Tell Tanya that hiccups along our path are always for a good reason and she will be thankful when she looks back and sees what she experienced as a result of them. You are both in my thoughts and prayers each day. Loving the posts and being on your journey with you. Lots of love xxoo

  4. Hi Travelling Chelle – Had to do it – Follow the Yellow Brick (Road) Arrows ( Judy Garland – Wizard of Oz. Loving every bit of your journey. Keep em cumin;. Luv Di

  5. What a wonderful trip you are having. Mum shared your site with me. Are you doing it to raise money for a cause or for your 50th treat. Good luck & watch those feet.

    Imagine how soldiers must have suffered during war. All boot rashions same size . My dad had HUGE feet n he was given size 7.ONE SIZE FITS ALL.
    Have fun & take care.

    • Hi Edna
      This is just a well deserved and thoroughly planned holiday as a celebration for turning 50.
      I’m glad you are enjoying travelling through Spain with me.
      I can’t imagine how it would have felt with small boots as at the end of a 30km day of walking feet swell! They certainly had it hard in the war.

  6. Well done girls… will be praying that the heel heals swiftly for Tania. The weather looks amazing and I love that you’ve found some cool places to stay. I loved the cathedral in Logrono and the town square. Enjoy it all and thanks for taking us with you xox

    • The Logrono municipal was pretty bad. Lots of noise, very cramped (24 to a room) and for 72 people only 4 toilets! We are staying in a private Albergue in Najera tonight. Still very cramped but at least Tania and I have a room to ourselves 🙂

    • Tania’s blisters have improved well with a couple of days rest. She is happy to catch the bus onwards….it is a slightly different Camino but it is hers.

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