Seen better days. ….. (Pete Murray)

The forecast was for rain. The distance for today 30km from Logrono to Najera. Not a good combination!


My kind of pace.

Luckily it only rained overnight and although the clouds were threatening,  the rain held off today.


I was walking alone today and it felt lonely. Tania was going to catch the 10.30am bus for Najera and hopefully check into our booked accommodation a bit earlier to rest her feet.  The bus would take 30min, i walked ot in 7hrs!


The bull guarding the grapes.

I left at 5.30am from the very loud and extremely cramped Logrono municipal albergue. It was still dark, making it very difficult to follow the arrows out of town. There was noone in front of me that I could follow and the arrows weren’t all yellow, some were pink! 


Luckily I stumbled my way out of town on the right path as eventually the yellow arrows returned and guided me through Navarette and Ventosa, each 10km apart.


Always the poppies.

This is the La Rioja region….wine growing country. So I passed mostly vineyards today. The soil was rich, red clay and slippery after last nights rain.


I talked a little while with Rex from WA.Recently retired, he had planned his big trip with wife Mary only to be told 10 days before leaving that he had some major cartilage issue with his hips making walking near impossible….but not for Rex. He promised his doctor that he would use walking sticks and with each painfully slow step,  he was going to make it to Santiago.



There is always inspiration to be found on the way even when the day appears long and lonely.


12 thoughts on “Seen better days. ….. (Pete Murray)

  1. aww Chelle, I hope that Tania is okay – kkep looking forward to the next smile and story from the people you meet – you’re amazing sis!!xx

  2. The poppies are such a lovely colour. I’m sure you are missing Tan but this is the only way to rest her feet. Luckily the rain held off. I hope Rex made it…….Love Mum and Dad

  3. You’re going too fast! We don’t resume our Camino from Nájera for another week and a half! 😉

    You guys are making great progress — glad to see things are going well. Hope Tania is able to join you again soon!


    • Realistically we think Tania will begin walking from Burgos. That will give her 5 or 6 days of recovery. Also the distance is just 20km after Burgos to the next town.
      It is lovely to walk with the same crowd…they are like family to us 🙂

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