History never repeats, I tell myself before I go to sleep…..(Split Enz)


Pilgrims as far as the eye can see.

There is an abundance of history in Spain that it can sometimes be mind blowing to take in but I will tell you a tale about the town we are in today,  Santo Domingo de la Calzada. In days of yore, there was a German lad walking with his parents to Santiago when they stopped at an inn in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. The innkeepers daughter immediately fell in love with the lad but the feeling wasn’t mutual. So the girl placed a silver goblet in his bag and then accused him of theft. He was immediately hung for his crime. His saddened parents continued to Santiago and on their return decided to visit their son’s grave. They were astonished to see their son still alive in the gallows. He said that Santo Domingo (the saint) brought him back to life. His parents quickly rushed to the Mayor’s house who was eating his dinner at the time and explained the miracle asking for their son’s freedom. The Mayor said that the boy was as alive as his chicken dinner upon which the chickens  came alive and crowed. To this day there is a live hen and a rooster kept in the church to remind everyone of the towns miracle.


The hen and rooster.


Some of the magnificent artwork in the church.

More miraculous was that the rain hovered around us on the 20km walk today and we managed to stay dry.


Northern clouds.

I started off at 6.40am this morning again walking alone as Tania will be catching the bus for the next few days to Burgos and hopefully will begin walking from there. I  met a Mexican girl now living in Hong Kong and deciding her future direction on the Camino. I also walked with a few favorites- Leo from Holland and Roy from London. Arriving alone at 11.15am to be met by Tania.


Managed to capture Roy under the rainbow!

We again have booked into the main albergue with 162 of my fellow pilgrims for the princely some of 7 Euro. Washing done, showered and fed and now resting with everybody in the common room.


I have arrived!

Life is simple on the Camino.


6 thoughts on “History never repeats, I tell myself before I go to sleep…..(Split Enz)

  1. Wow, Santa Dominga DL Calzado looks amazing – I hope that Tania’s feet heal – give her my love – and keep on being amazing you xx Trace

  2. Hi Chelle – Felt very sory for you yesterday – all on your own and a long way from home. Do hope that you have found some ‘new friends’ to catch up with.Hope you friend is soon back ‘On the Road Again’ (Willy Nelson). Luv Di and Greg and Mick

    • Thanks Di. Another solo day but plenty of people to talk with on the way. Tania’s heel is improving and we are hoping she will be back walking on Sunday.

  3. Hello Chelle,

    You are a wonder. Thank you so much for sharing this Pilgrimage with us. What a beautiful part of the world. We have just returned from a few days at the Sunshine Coast.which is another lovely part of the World. The hinterland is particularly beautiful after rain. There are many acres of Yellow daisy/sunflowers blooming, saying hello to the Sun. I know they are not indigenous but there are so many areas I think the Local Council must be turning a blind eye. The farmers and landholders keep them in control for all to enjoy. Keep the Camino story and accompanying photos coming. I do hope your friend quickly recovers from her foot trouble. Another 500 mls to go?!?!

    Much love A Moll and U J.

    • I am looking forward to seeing the fields of sunflowers in Italy. I would have been happy to see the sun today. It was sooooo cold today with wind coming straight at us making the days walk very hard. Can’t complain, at least I am walking. Tania has a few more days on the bus before she starts walking again.

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