Against the Wind….(Bob Seger)

I will never be able to run against the wind.


Beating against the breeze.

Today it was extremely hard to WALK against the wind. It was 22.9km of hard slog from Santo Domingo to Belorado. The wind was gusting up to 36km/hr and the temperature was as low as 4 degrees (as per the weather forcast at the Tourist Information). Not a great day to walk, more a day to curl up with a good book. Although speaking with the Scottish couple Willy and Noreen (Willy celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday), they thought it was a lovely day!


Always perspective on the Camino.


Lots of messages on the Camino. This one says "Why are you walking?"


To get to Santiago!

Apart from the weather, today’s walk followed the main road for most of the way so the scenery was less spectacular than usual. I was very grateful to be met by Tania at the edge of the old town who guided me to our Albergue for the night.


We are currently sitting in the dining room (me closest to the heater)  with other pilgrims writing journals and reading emails. We have paid for the pilgrim meal tonight so after we eat, it’s a short stumble to our bunk bed down the corridor ready for another big day against the wind tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Against the Wind….(Bob Seger)

  1. That is indeed cold and windy! And you say more of the same tomorrow? Back the track where I am, it is also cold and windy, but no as bad as you have had it. Maybe that is what I am in for tomorrow! I hope your day will be better than you have predicted πŸ™‚

  2. Chelle – do you remember the song “the answer is blowing in the wind’? – keep walking and listening – you’re doing great – am so proud of you xx Trace

  3. You are doing so well Michelle – it is inspiring to see you take the challenge that each day presents to you and a privilege for all of us to take this journey with you via this page. Keep on keeping on! Love you, Gaye xo

  4. “Against the Wind” TV series starring Jon English. Chelle you are a ‘real’ trooper’. What a great adventure you have ro tell. Boy – am I having trouble keeping up with you and all of your songs . You must have done a lot of research before you started on this ‘GRAND’ WALK.’ Love your messages – first thing we do each morning is turn on the computer and catch up with you. Cannot imagine what it iis like but we feel that we are there with you (in spirit) walkinmg beside you.
    Luv from all at no.11, Constantly thinking of you!!!!! xxxx

    • Thanks No.11. I do remember the TV series. It was prrtty good as well.
      It is still prrtty cold and wet here this morning. Hopefully i’ll see the sun sometime today πŸ™‚

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