Downtown. ….(Petula Clark)


View from our hotel window...siesta time!

We pass through four cities on this Camino. Pamplona (pop. 200,000); Logrono (130,000); Burgos (175,000); Leon (130,000). It is usually a long and tedious walk passing through the outskirts to the city centre but the arrows will guide your way. Well that is what I thought as I nervously took one of the alternative, supposedly scenic, routes into Burgos today. I ended up walking around the airport and through a pretty dodgy part of town with just two other pilgrims in the distance. It was a relief to finally walk through the gates of the old town and step into the hotel that Tania had stayed last night and that I would be staying tonight. It is the first time in 12 days that there will be only two of us in the room. Luxury!


To the east.


Looking towards Burgos.

I had a beautiful sunrise climb over the Punto de Vista with low lying mist shrouding the eastern horizon and the sun waking the city of Burgos to the west. At the highest point was the Cruceiro standing prominently on guard as the military base was just over the fence.


Three hours walking later and I arrived in Burgos. After a shower and change of clothes, Tania and I visited the magnificent 13th century Catedral de Santa Maria. The interior is crowded with art treasures from centuries past and is overwhelming in its opulence. Too much for this little pilgrim to take in.


Entrance to the Cathedral


Downtown Burgos is teeming with tourists and local life. I love it when I meet one of my camino chums just walking the old streets and enjoying the view just like me.


Even in a city dominated by the church, you will find little devils!



3 thoughts on “Downtown. ….(Petula Clark)

  1. Morning Michelle – you are certainly keeping up for your team. Hope Tania’s feet are on the mend. Keep up the good work and keep on kepping on. Luv Di

  2. Michelle, your daily pilgrimage is inspiring, enjoying your blogs and pics though some days I don’t know how you have made your destination, then done your washing as well!!!! Thanks for taking the time and energy to share it all with your trusty band of followers. Love use and Michael xx

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