Always look on the bright side of life…(Monty Python)

Tania is back walking!


Leaving Borgos

We started very slowly in Burgos this morning. It was very quiet in the streets of the city as people were sleeping off the celebrations as Real Madrid won the UEFA Championship last night. We heard lots of rebellers drifting through the streets in party mode most of the night. However the camino crowd continue on their way early as usual.


We decided to ease Tania’s feet back into life by walking 13km to Rabe. A short stroll to a beautiful little Spanish town on a cloudy but rain-free Sunday. She used the bag service to deliver her bag from our hotel last night to Rabe for 5 Euro.  A great service available all along the camino for people to transport their bags without the backbreaking effects. You just have to make sure you make it to the destination that day. 


Our Albergue for the night.



Rabe is a one stork town!

We have met a few more Australians and bumped into some familiar faces. Sadly we said goodbye to our Dutch friend Leo who we have been travelling with from the beginning.He is walking faster and longer than us now.After starting in Holland in March this year, he is a bit more fitter than us. We will meet other characters as we continue this journey.


Goodbye Leo


4 thoughts on “Always look on the bright side of life…(Monty Python)

  1. Brilliant….tanka back ONBOARD plus I got a question answered within context…the bag device I’m loving living this with you georgiaxxx

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