I’m on my way from misery to happiness today… (The Proclaimers)

Today we passed over the half way mark with little fanfare or celebration. Yes I have walked 402km so far with only 388km to go!


Pilgrims as far as the eye can see.

It was another long and mostly straight flat path with our first coffee stop at 17.1km. A welcome relief for caffeine addicts and full bladders. Again it was overcast and chilly, especially when you stopped for a break.


Follow the signs for the bar, where they also have coffee.


A welcome relief!

We finished our 26km day at 1.30pm limping into our albergue just 500mt from the main town of Terradillos.


Our albergue sleeps only 34- some are turned away.

There is always a bit of nervousness as to where you will stay the night as some people book ahead to assure themselves a bed but like true pilgrims, we aim for a town and hope they have a bed for us. Yesterday that wasn’t so as we headed for the Municipal Albergue (al-ber-gay) which is usually the largest hostel in town, either attached to the church or in the centre of town. There are also private run albergue’s, casa rural (rooms in private homes) and hotels (which is where we stayed last night). If you can’t find a bed or afford a hotel then its another walk to the next town.
Most towns have a church and everynight they have a special mass for pilgrims. We went to our first last night in Carrion. It started out with the full Catholic church service in Spanish of course and ended with the priest asking for all the pilgrims to come to the front of the church (approximately 120 of us) for a special blessing.ย  After identifying the countries that we were all from (most being from Italy and then probably Germany or Holland), we had the sign of the cross on each of our foreheads and were given a special paper star to carry with us to Santiago. There are some pilgrims who go to every mass service in every town they go to but we had decided to wait till we got to Santiago for the pilgrims mass but something pulled us from our hotel across the road to attend this service and I’m glad we did it. Bless me if we don’t make it to Santiago now.


Follow the arrows




10 thoughts on “I’m on my way from misery to happiness today… (The Proclaimers)

  1. YEAH The girls are half way.. Great stuff . I didn’t like the word ‘limping’ though. It’s 5 am here and we have the map out……. Keep walking and keep well.. Love Mum and Dad

  2. I love waking up every morning to a little notification of the next edition of your blog! It sounds like you are having a FANTASTIC (if not tiresome, testing, and tough) time. I feel that Sam and I would love to experience the Camino – though I’m not entirely sure my hips/knees/feet would hold out as well as yours are.
    Countdown is on till Tuscany. Keep your eyes on the prize. Xx

  3. We’ll done for making the half way mark! Your posts are truly inspirational. I’m admiring your drive and dedication every morning as I read your posts. Keep it up sweet pea! You are doing all us “old” nurses proud! Stay safe,warm, and blister free! Xxx

  4. Congratulations and Celebrations (song – Sir Cliff Richards) you two girls are unbeleivable – I am totally lost for words. What a great achievement over half way and do hope the feet are all okay. Luv Disii

  5. Way to Go Michelle. Gary & I look forward to your daily reports/pic. What a holiday – Better you than us we are finding doing this way through your blog is much easier. – You Go Girl

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