Where the streets have no name….U2


Days drift by as yet again we wonder through rural Spain. The towns we go through are so small that if the wind was blowing,  tumbleweed would pass us by. Some of these villages would not survive without the pilgrim traffic passing through. The locals are all very polite and lovely to the pilgrim. Always a greeting, always a smile.


Lots of mudbrick houses in the smaller villages

Today we passed through Terradillos (pop. 80) and Moratinos (pop.30) before hitting the big smoke of Sahagun (pop. 2,800). We were still able to walk in the middle of the street but they had more of a selection of bars and cafes to go to- we choose a cake shop!


Sahagun cafe


Downtown Sahagun

After Sahagun we needed to make a decision that would affect the next two walking days. To follow the original Roman road on rough earth tracks across remote bush country or on the Real Camino Frances by gravel path alongside quiet roads. We chose the later. Hence we are now in the small town of Bercianos del Real Camino (pop 200). Our albergue for the night is the parish hostel, a donativo (make a donation if you want but it is not necessary).



Downtown Bercianos

We seem to be walking more and more with the same crowd. Elizabeth from Sydney is a semi-retired teacher who walks at my pace. Bodil from Denmark walks closer to Tania’s pace. Willie (70) and wife Noreen from Glasgow have slowed down since developing blisters. Giuseppe from Italy is back walking after recovering from shin splints that saw him bus through a few stages. Fran and Dennis from near Murwillumbah who we mostly see in bars on the way. Roger, a pharmacist from Canberra, we have walked with for the past few days. Linda and Janet from Manchester who wear a lot of mauve. Marilyn from Newcastle who was in our room yesterday and has stopped in Sahagun for the night.


The official halfway mark for Elizabeth and Bodil who started in Roncesvalles


Friends are never too far away.

We are sure to see them drift in and out of our day as the kilometres countdown to Santiago.


Just another 12th Century bridge!


One thought on “Where the streets have no name….U2

  1. Hi Chelle – Then came the Last Days of May – (Blue Oyster Cult). Congratulations to you both – making it half way. What an achievwement. The more I think about you the more amazing I think you are!!! Keep the daily ‘blogs’ coming. I just love them all. Luv from No.11

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