Return to sender…….(Elvis Presley)

In this case it is return to senda,  the gravel path running alongside an asphalt road parallel to the motorway. Sounds boring doesn’t it. It can be very monotonous but luckily it is tree lined nearly all the way.


We left our donativo in Bercianos after a brilliant communal dinner consisting of paella in a pan the size of a small table. The two elderly hospitileros said a prayer in all the languages that were staying that night and then it was our turn to entertain them. In our respective countries we got up and sang a song. Of course our group of four Aussies sang Waltzing Matilda which nearly everyone new. Lots of red wine flowed but we were all tucked into bed before lights out at 10pm.


Paella cooked with love.


Waltzing Matilda

Our senda journey was 26.4km today passing through just one town called Reliegos which everyone joked we were walking towards religion.


Entering Religion!

We arrived at our final destination of Mansilla and found another Albergue Municipal for 5 Euro’s.  This one is run by a lady called Laura who is a huge character. She found out that Tania had blisters so she got out this rusty saw and said, ” tonight we fix!”.



We are having a communal dinner with a difference  tonight. The Italian pilgrims are cooking a huge plate of spaghetti for about 15 of us. Should be fun.



7 thoughts on “Return to sender…….(Elvis Presley)

  1. It sounds like a really fun paella party and I am sure the spaghetti will go down just as well. You must be near Leon by now. Will you take a rest day, or are you made of tougher stuff and soldier on?

  2. Hi Chelle – not sure if you’re recieving my messages, anyway, but keep letting the sunshine in, and love to you both

  3. Congratulations to you both, you are truly inspirational to us all. What an amazing life experience you are having, makes our daily trials and tribulations pale to insignificance by comparison to what you have both achieved. Good on you and thank you for your daily blog, loving waking up to them. Makes me wonder how we’ll all cope when you hit the finish line!! Lovely to hear from you Michelle, we are having a wonderful time in Canada. Love sue and Michael xx

    • Hi Sue.
      I sometimes think of you in Canada having a great time. We have plenty of thinking time on the walks!
      We are hoping we have around 2 weeks left (more or less) and are ready to celebrate!!!

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