Are you gonna go my way….(Lenny Kravitz)

We eat very well on the camino. Walking four to eight hours a day affords you the luxury of eating nearly whatever you like.


There's a small hill ahead...yeah!

Last nights pasta feast for 8 Italians, 6 Aussies and 1 American was pretty special.  Firstly we didn’t cook. The Italians made this delectable arrabiatto sauce with linguine;  hard boiled eggs lathered in olive oil and salt; and a salad. All washed down with copious amounts of vino tinto (red wine). In fact I have replaced most of my red blood cells with red wine after averaging at least half a bottle of red per day for the last three weeks.


Our Italian feast

Most mornings, breakfast consists of a cappuccino with a croissant at the first bar in the first town that is awake. Then lunch is anywhere from 11.30am and usually is a boccadillo with ham, cheese and tomato. This is the original subway but with extremely crusty bread. The ham is also more like prosciutto which is a little chewy as well. My gums were very sore for the first few days until I discovered that the spanish do a damn fine olive oil. Now everything is soaked in olive oil…I’m a well oiled machine!
For dinner we usually do the pilgrims menu which is displayed in most restaurants. This consists of a starter like garlic or lentil soup or a salad; main of chicken, pork or fish with veges or chips; then a desert of an apple, yogurt or ice cream.
After all this, we are actually loosing a bit of weight. We will weigh ourselves in Santiago….another celebration to be had we hope.


Made it to Leon.

Today we have made it to Leon (pop. 130,000). A short 18.6km, again on the senda and then on the footpath from the outskirts of the city to the majestic 13th Century Cathedral that dominates the skyline here.



We have walked around the city (yes I know, we still have some energy left to explore and play tourist) and are very impressed with the architecture.  One building was designed by Antonio Guadi who was a spanish maestro in design and a favorite of mine.


My mate Guadi

Back on the road tomorrow….the way continues!


8 thoughts on “Are you gonna go my way….(Lenny Kravitz)

  1. Hi Michelle and Tania, we met you during the first leg of your journey (at St. Jean +) and looking through your blog today I’m amazed to see that although we have passed the same way, we have seen different things. It’s quite special. Hope all Tania’s blisters have ‘heeled’ (couldn’t help it!). You look like you’re both having a wonderful time. Emma and I are now in Ponferrada. Been through blisters (still have 6 toes with compeed) and a gastro (just delightful!!!!!) but loving every moment, memory, experience and meeting. Take car end enjoy xxx

    • Hi Sue. We were wondering how far ahead of us you were. We are hoping to be in Ponferrada by Thursday when my daughter will meet us there to walk for 3 days. Can’t wait.
      Sorry about your blisters but you still have your toes…yeah!
      Enjoy O’cebreiro!!!

  2. Well done girls, you’re 2/3 of the way there! The weather looks fabulous & you look fabulous. Keep on truckin and enjoy every wonderful experience. Xx

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