You can’t stop the music….(The Village People)


That way!

After three weeks of walking, I have found that music makes a big difference in how people walk. Those with iPods seem to be bopping along at a brisker pace than others. Today I was passed by Elizabeth stepping in time to hits from Billy Joel and Elton John. There was also a couple of Spanish kids with “Take me home, Country Road” playing aloud between them. Yesterday I even sang the theme to “Rocky” to help me pace up a short hill. I usually sing to myself as I prefer to hear the sound of nature but as I was passing one of the “Mafioso” ( the Italian squad from Sicily) I sang aloud. “Rocky Balboa” he said with a smile.


A long straight walk with Elizabeth ahead.

Music definitely makes the boring walks go faster and today was such a day. It was beautiful leaving the splendour of Leon early this morning.  So many gorgeous buildings to admire.


Sitting beside a Pilgrim outside the Parador in Leon.

The problem came when we made the decision to follow the senda instead of the recommended route, so that tomorrow’s walk will be a more manageable 25km instead of 31km. So after 26km we arrived in San Martin, a whistle-stop town on a busy road between two cities. I know my friend Rhonda will be aghast that I didn’t follow her advice and follow the green route but we are on a mission to not do another 30km day. ..its just too hard.


Not far now!

What is enjoyable,  is walking with friends. It is so nice to walk and talk and share a laugh with such wonderful and interesting people. Tomorrow Astorga!


Pilgrim friends


Walking behind the Mafioso.


Yes I am now drinking Shandy's!!!


7 thoughts on “You can’t stop the music….(The Village People)

  1. Chelle, you were saying ‘the problem came when we decided…’
    How can it be a problem to walk less?
    How are your feet?
    What hurts/aches the most?
    Thank you again for your BLOG.
    Im so pleased you’ve found friends to share the journey!
    Keep up the great work!!
    Hugs jen

    • Hi Jen
      The feet are ok although they do get a bit sore at the end of the day. Tanias have improved a lot now as well and she is now powering along.
      There are no problems on the way, I know, especially when we are having such a great time meeting such wonderful pepple no matter which way we take.

  2. Three weeks already! You are doing so well – obviously all that training is paying off. How amazing that you are making all these friends from all over the world. This will be a special connection that I am sure you will never lose. I hope you are still able to experience a time of reflection and contemplation in the midst of all the talking and music haha. I think of you daily and you are always in my prayers (Tanya too). I’m loving the journey and eagerly look forward to reading your update each day.
    Keep on keepin’ on. Love you heaps, Gaye xxoo

    • Yes I know. 21 days of walking every day and I’m still upright!!
      We have done some forward planning and think we will be in Santiago by the 15th. Apparently they swing the big incense burner on Sundays.
      Good news is that Chloe will be meeting us on the walk for a few days starting Thursday. Can’t wait.
      Won’t be long till Ashlee will be home as well.
      Hope all is going well. I think of you often.

  3. Hi Chelle – Every day I am just lost for words as to your achievement. “You are amazing” (I think it is a song from somewhere).I think to myself WOW – I cannot believe the all the walking you have done and are doing. Great to know that Chloe will be catching up with you soon. You and your story are just unbelieveable.Luv Di xxoo

  4. Well, well well…, never mind that you didn’t take my advice, I totally get it. At least it looked like you left Leon in the sunshine. I have wonderful memories of San Martin’s hospitality. When I arrived soaked and the befdraggled after a day of driving rain, the lovely Alberge owner took all of my gear and dried it for me. I felt so loved and so looked after that night, I will never forget it! Loving you blog and loving you tunes… Xx

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