A Bridge over Troubled Water….(Simon and Garfunkle)


Time for another history lesson. In the year 1434, Don Suero, a noble knight from Leon, fell in love with a beautiful lady from Hospital de Orbigo but the love was not returned (again you may say). So he threw down the gauntlet to defend the bridge from any passing knights. They came from all over Europe but were unsuccessful. After a month, three hundred lances were broken and Don Suero defended his honour then freedom.


Ready to Joust!

Well today we crossed this bridge a little more sedately but honorably. The town has a jousting tournament each year to honour their history and it is a shame we will miss it as it is on this weekend. Alas we will be four more days down the way by then.




Today’s 25km journey took us mostly off the senda and through natural paths linking quaint villages and farming communities. Six kilometres from Astorga we came across Maria who offers free food and refreshments for passing pilgrims. Kind of makes you happy when someone does something so kind.


Our final destination of Astorga is a  beautiful walled city of 12,000 complete with  a magnificent Cathedral and a Gaudi Hotel. Our albergue is a short walk from both and just around the corner from a wine and tapas bar……dinner is sorted.


Cathedral St Marta


Gaudi Hotel


3 thoughts on “A Bridge over Troubled Water….(Simon and Garfunkle)

  1. Thank you once again Michelle for your informative daily updates, enjoying them immensely. Makes one feel very humble to read about someone kind enough to leave free food out for you pilgrims, very special. Keep on keeping on….

    Love sue and Michael xx

  2. Everyday you justastound me! Can’t wait until you get home so you can tell us about your adventure,You are amazing as I said yesterday.Hope to hear from you again tomorrow. Love your daily messages. Di, Greg and Michael (remember us?) Hope your Mum and Dad are okay.

  3. Wow, once again the scenery and architecture are spectacular! And how lovely to see that in the crazy world we live in, there are still people who like to make others lives more special or more easy by making a gesture of kindness. Again I say – what an awesome adventure you are on! Onward and upward – or downward as the case may be haha xxoo

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