I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation….(The Carpenters)


Yes we hit the highest point on the walk today and as such we had no WiFi yesterday until we came off the mountain. So sorry, no blog yesterday.
We left Astorga early on Tuesday and headed up into the mountains. The scenery changed with every kilometre until 26 km later, we were in Foncebadon just 2km down the road from the Cruz de Ferro- the Iron Cross.


Foncebaddin is a very small alpine village.


This is a special landmark for pilgrims with many leaving messages from home on stones lovingly carried across on their pilgrimage. I couldn’t wait to see it. So after we booked into the Albergue I walked the 2km alone to lay my stones (one from me that I picked up on one of my many beach training walks and one from Mum) at the foot of the cross.


A cyclist took this photo for me. My stick marks the placement of my stones.

I was lucky to have the place to myself for a short while as I read messages of hope, love and remembrance of past pilgrims. It was highly emotional for me, made more from the fact that on my return walk I saw a deer who looked at me for just a few seconds but with a gentle calmness that overwhelmed me. I felt so blessed and touched at that moment that when I returned and saw everyone I cried.


Today we woke to a foggy haze that lifted as the sun rose. I again walked to the cross but this time it was a little crowded. I was so glad I went yesterday and spent most of the time there today taking photos for people.


It was a glorious walk to the summit of 1515mt, the highest part of the whole walk and then the descent began. A bit rocky but mostly through natural pathways.  The sun was shining and there were plenty of birds about singing along the way.


I'm told it is a Linnet.

I met a British bird watcher who was having a great day spotting all sorts of birds now extinct in Britain.  We also met a German pilgrim who wrote a book about his walk in 2012 and is now doing research for another book. He took our photo and said it may be in the next book!


Peter from Germany


So now we are in Ponferrada and joy of joys, will be meeting Chloe very soon. She has a few days off and is going to join us on the walk. She has no idea that a big climb is ahead!



10 thoughts on “I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation….(The Carpenters)

  1. What a wonderful experience for you Michelle. I pray that the emotion you felt at the foot of the cross and looking into the eyes of that beautiful creature never leaves you.
    How exciting that you get to see Chloe for a few days – it just makes the whole journey that much more special, doesn’t it.
    May the blessings continue to flow. Lots of love xxoo

  2. I missed your blog yesterday but it was worth the wait.
    I shed tears with you! It must be such a exhausting experience at times but when you share the delights how wonderful it seems. God Bless you with safe travels.

  3. Hi Chelle – Missed your email yesterday. How good for you to be able t meet up with Chloe on your very challenging walk. I hope she has done some training. I cannot believe that my next door neighbour is so far away on top of the world. You are doing something that I would never have thought possible. Keep up the emails and say hello to Chloe. Luv Di

  4. What a special moment at the foot of the cross Chelle – no wonder you were touched – a beautiful affirmation of the knowlege that we are all divine – and in this together! – wonderful that you’re seeing Chloe – give her big hugs from me – I love you xx

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