The only way is up baby…..(Yazz)


Today we went further than we had anticipated and the last 5km was up, up, up the mountain.  We are pretty sure we would have made it the final 2km to O’Cebreiro as our fitness has improved greatly but when it started to rain, we decided to stop. So here we are at the beautiful mountain village of Laguna de Castilla already showered, fed and the hosteliero are doing our washing!


A passing farmer with his dedicated dog in Laguna de Castilla.

We started the morning at Villafranca Del Bierzo and walked between the valley with the highway weaving above us. We called the family when we stopped for breakfast and it was great to speak to them all and hear Toby barking in the background.


At Villafranca




The 3 amigo.

Another great day with Chloe walking beside me and taking the lead up the mountain.  She is a very fit girl and I am immensely happy that she is spending this time with me.


At La Faba

We were aiming for La Faba which we got to by noon and the Albergue was to open at 2pm. So we continued up the mountain till the rain started. The lovely Scottish couple Willie and Noreen are here as well, so we will have a nice meal with great company tonight.



2 thoughts on “The only way is up baby…..(Yazz)

  1. Loving your daily updates, didn’t realise how interesting your trip would be but Gary & I agree, the best way to do it, is through your eyes. Can’t wait to hear where your next holiday will be.

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