Where you lead, I will follow…..(Carole King)


It is Chloe’s last day of walking with us today as she has to fly back to London tomorrow via Santiago but Tania and I continue our Camino. So she will effectively get there before us as we have just one more week before we get there.



We headed out early in overcast conditions. In fact it threatened to rain all day today but we managed to stay dry and even had some sunshine on our way. Walking up the first 2km to O’Cebreiro this morning we entered the region of Galacia, a particularly green and lush region but this is due to the high rainfall in the area. I predict rain in our future!


We passed many small farms with lots of contented grazing cows. The views from the top were spectacular and luckily the path was mostly dry although there were some muddy sections to jump over.



We arrived in Triacastela just before 1pm and settled on an Albergue at the end of town. Mind you the town is very small with a population of 900, so you can walk it in mere minutes.
Chloe is organising her travel to Santiago which involves a taxi to Lugo then a bus to Santiago via A Coruna. She said that the Camino is the most direct way to Santiago but it is a shame we cannot walk there in a day!


I have enjoyed having her here with us and experiencing a different “holiday” with me. We have had so much time to talk together and to hear all her Contiki stories as we have walked side by side for 75km. In this fast paced world, it is nice to slow down and truly take time to listen to each other, to appreciate every precious moment of togetherness and to be surrounded by natures beauty. Another day, another blessing.




2 thoughts on “Where you lead, I will follow…..(Carole King)

  1. Aftrnoon Chelle – ‘She’s a Butterfly – Martina McBride’. How super exciting for you to have Chloe walking with you for a few days. Your butterfly has been and flown away again. How did Chloe manage the walk? Great news about Elly. How are you feeling to be coming to the end of your BIG walk. Greg even said ‘Hello’ to you when he was moving the lawns – some jobs still have to be done. I still feel that we are waling eside you!!! Keep up the news. Luv Di xxoo

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