Walk on the wild side…(Lou Reed)

Started the morning by saying goodbye to Chloe at 7am on a cloudy day in Triacastela. The awesome foursome were together again pounding the pavement out of town whilst  Chloe passed us in her taxi to Sarria. What would take her 20min, would take us 7hrs of walking but through absolutely pristine and gorgeous countryside.



It seems as each day passes, it gets better. Is it due to the possibilty that we are getting closer to Santiago or is it just more green and lush in Galacia?


An open bath

It started drizzling just as we left the road and entered the natural pathway winding beside the river on our way to Samos. We decided to take the longer route to Sarria. Yes we actually elected to walk a further 6.8km today as we had heard that the monastery in Samos was worth the distance and it didn’t disappoint. We managed to go on a tour as well, however as it was all in Spanish, I couldn’t tell you much about the history so I will show you photo’s instead.




We then spent the rest of the days walk weaving through farmlands and blink-and-you-miss villages.




Finishing our 25km day in Sarria, we found an Albergue on the outskirts of town, and splashed out 10 Euro each for our private room. This town is 113km from Santiago and, as 100km is the minimal distance to get your Compestella, a lot of pilgrims start their Camino here. So we expect to see more people walking from tomorrow. No expectations, no dissapointments.


6 thoughts on “Walk on the wild side…(Lou Reed)

  1. Wow Chelle – the light is definitely bright at the end of the tunnel – well done , and enjoy the next days – they are a gift
    x Trace

  2. THE TRAVELLING cHELL – How good it must feel to be nearing the end of your walking -you have done an amazing adventure. Looking forward t hearing about it all it..I cannot find the words to say to you – in fact I am lost for words at your perseverence. stamina and commitment to have undertaken the walk in the first place.
    Thinking of you everyday. Luv Di, Greg and Michael xxoo

  3. Good on you for going to Samos, it looks fantastic! Galicia is fantastic and you have no idea how happy I am to hear how HAPPY YOU ARE on this amazing pilgrimage. Enjoy the last 100 to the max, I am so proud of you!

    • Thanks Rhonda. You won’t believe our luck with the weather. It is forecast to be sunny till we arrive in Santiago on Saturday. We are having a great Camino with lots of familiar faces finishing at the same time. Our spirits are high with each passing kilometre.
      Ps-Samos is amazing and a must see on your next Camino 🙂

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