Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright. …(George Harrison)


Whilst researching the Camino I was told to be prepared for very hot days. Well it is day thirty and the heat has finally arrived with the promise of more to come. Oddly I thought it would be hot across the Meseta and not here in Galacia, a place so lush that moss grows on anything. It has been mostly cool or at the very least pleasant for the entire trip. I have spent the first three weeks wearing an undershirt because even though I am hot and sweaty on the walk, I am cold and sweaty when we stop for breaks. Hence the undershirt to keep me from freezing. Today I started without my undershirt!



We left Portomarin shroaded in mist at 7am and (as per nearly every start of the day) headed up hill. The first break was to be at 7.4km and it was mostly up hill and eerily misty. The sun finally burst through at 10am and that’s when the real heat began. People appeared to be melting as they walked by and more breaks were had to replace lost fluids. It was beautiful at times walking through the woodland but the way was mostly beside quiet roads as more taxis than normal passed us dropping off injured pilgrims.Luckily we arrived at our destination of Palas de Rei  (24.8km) before 2pm which is always our time limit to stop for the day.


It was 10am before I saw my shadow.


This one is for Elly.

Excitement grows as the way markers count down every kilometre to Santiago. We have decided to arrive with everyone else on Saturday. Yes that is only three days of walking left and the forecast is for sunny days all the way. I’m a Queenslander, bring it on!


67.5km mark!


One thought on “Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright. …(George Harrison)

  1. KING (QUEEN) OF THE ROAD – ROGER MILLER – WOW TRAVELLING CHELLE – you have almost reached your destination and I can feel the excitment building up. You are an amazing human being and I am so happy for you on what you have achieved. Hope to hear from you “post” walking cannot wait for the next blog. Luv Di xxxooo

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