You’ll never walk alone…(Gerry and the Pacemakers)


The setting moon.

The penultimate day saw us walk from Arzua to Amenal, a distance of 22.5km. We are set to pounce on Santiago tomorrow with less than 17km to go.


The sunshine peaking through the trees but not the path ae yet.

We left early and were walking towards the setting moon through farmland and on natural pathways. The final few kilometres through a eucalyptus forest was very reminiscent of Australia.


Today was the first time I lost the way. The yellow arrow was to the left of a cafe and as I was perusing the crowd for familiar faces, I missed the sign and continued on the road to the right. However you are never alone on this journey. A kind lady saw me walking the wrong way and ran after me to put me on the correct path. I have done this to many a pilgrim in the past and although the arrows or shells are everywhere, it is still possible to miss them if deep in thought or conversation.




The community of the camino provides assurances that someone is never far away to provide help and guidance. We are all in the same boat; all putting one foot in front of the other heading to Santiago. We may not speak the same language but conversations are held and understood. I can’t wait to see my community celebrate tomorrow when we reach our goal……together.



8 thoughts on “You’ll never walk alone…(Gerry and the Pacemakers)

  1. Michelle, you have made an amazing journey and I hope that you are extremely proud of yourself and of what you have achieved. It will certainly go down as one of life’s greatest accomplishments. We have loved following your journey and your stories. You have also met some wonderful people along the ‘Way’ who will stay with you forever .

    A huge congratulations from both Michael and myself. We will truly miss our morning dose of inspiration.

    Enjoy the remainder of your wonderful trip and we will catch up on your return to Oz.
    Love Sue and Michael xx

    • Thanks Sue. Would you believe one month of my holiday has flown by. Only 2 to go and they will be a little different to this month but still exciting.
      We are all excited to enter the plaza at the Cathedral. It will be a time of celebration for all of us as we cheer pilgrims in. Xx

  2. Your heart should soar today Chelle – well done and deserved lovely – shed a tear and say a prayer for me xxxx Trace

  3. WOW – A walk to remember – you must be feeling so proud of yourself (as I am) with all of your strength, power, emotions, weather, sights,people.just every thing that you have weathered your way across the TOP OF SPAIN. We are so thrilled at what you have done and the way you have done it!!!!. Congratulations on all you have achieved. ” JUST MIND BLOWING” Really going to miss your daily ‘news updates’.You are a true LEGEND.Our Luv and Best Wishes to you
    Di Greg and Michael xxxxxooooo BRAVO – WELL DONE.

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