Shake, rattle and roll….(Bill Haley and the Comets)


Tania and I arrived in Lisbon yesterday after travelling on three trains for eight hours at a cost of only fifty euro. First impression from the taxi window when arriving in Lisbon was that it needed a coat of paint. It was also overcast which we were unsure if it was due to smog or fog but after 24hrs we are really impressed with this old and vibrant city.


Arco da Rua Augusta


Praca do Comercio

The weather HAS been overcast in the morning and by lunch bright and sunny. Not too hot but certainly as we are further south, is warmer than we have experienced but it is summer.



We have seen a few of the sites walking around but the highlight was this mornings Segway tour through the old town of Alfama. Lisbon was all but destroyed in the earthquake of 1755 except for a small section in Alfama which has retained the original old town feel. So most of downtown is post 1755- yes that is termed new!



Segwaying through Alfama

We are staying in an eclectic and very funky hostel in the downtown region of Baixa. This area is the heart of the modern city, with a grid of 18th century streets, full of shops of every kind,  running down to the River Tejo.


View from the hostel balcony

We also caught a tram to Belem, a popular riverside suburb, where most of Portugal’s maritime explorers set sail to discover distant lands. There is a magnificent Monument to the Discoveries that was erected in 1960 and that you can get great photos from the top including the world map at the base. Belem is also famous for its hot  pastel de nata, essentially a custard cream tart, which we were told they make around 20,000 a day (50,000 on festival days!) Not too bad to eat but I’m a chocoholic (Hi. My name is Michelle)





The line up out the door for the Pasteis de Nata

We will do a free walking tour tomorrow organised by the hostel and then a day trip to places with Palaces and beyond on Friday. So Lisbon has so far lived up to its hype and I’m pleased we are discovering the magic within.



4 thoughts on “Shake, rattle and roll….(Bill Haley and the Comets)

  1. Hi Chelle – you seem to be as free as a ‘bird’. Big walk done and now start to be a tourist. Enjoy your touristy holiday now. Sate of Oringin 2 last night – NSW won – 6-4 and the first game was won NSW 12-8 ..NSW have tkan the flag from us so last game not much fun in three weeks time. Have not seen any of your family yet so am not sure when they are all departing. Keeping enjoying your trip. Luv and Best Wishes – No.11 xxxxoooo

  2. Morning (?) Michelle – Greg caught up with Michael, Sam, Erin, Ellie and Connor last night and he was told what to do with Toby. Everything sorted so all okay. Greg will look after Toby as you know he will because he loves dogs and Toby is one of his favourites. He will probably may get a bit lonely so we may bring him in here if he barks or cries. Enjoy you trip. It seems that you have been gone for such a long time and another almost two months to go. WAY TO GO!!!!
    luv from Di, Greg and Michael. oooooxxxxxx

    • Thanks Di. We have no concerns with Toby as we know he is in great and loving hands. I just spoke to Michael, Elly and Conor and they are all looking forward to their holiday. I can’t wait to see them all.
      Our copy of the movie The Way is still with my Aunt, I’m sorry about that. I am interested in seeing it again as well to see if I recognize places that I have been.
      Anyway we are off on another day trip around Lisbon. I’ll blog it tonight. Xxxx

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