Someday my Prince will come….(Snow White)

That is true but for me it will be in two days that I see my Prince……and my clothes. Tomorrow we fly to Rome and will be met by the boys on Sunday. Yeah!


Castelo dos Mouros

Till then we have entertained ourselves in these last two days in Lisbon on a walking tour of the old town and a day trip to the Palaces in Sintra. The walking tour was great as we were told of the many legends and landmarks of the area including the story of the black cockeral that is a symbol of Portugal and is oddly very similar to the story of Santo Domingo in Spain, when the cooked chicken comes alive on the plate. We also saw some awesome street art that is found in the back alleyways.



Today was filled with fairy castles and their accompanying gift shops! We went to the magnificent Pena Palace that lies in the hills about 30min from Lisbon. It has a similar feel to Mt Tamborine but older (!), and it was a tad cooler up there as well. There are four main Palaces surrounding Sintra that are all magnificent in their own way. We also swung by the western most point in mainland Europe at Cabo da Roca which was swarming with tourists…and yes I know I’m now one of them as I took my photo but hopefully a little classier one!


Pena Palace




The cross at the Cabo da Roc.

So now we are in full tourist mode but still with our backpacks and “crocodile dundee” outfits. I can’t wait to see Michael and his luggage!


Farewell Lisbon.


2 thoughts on “Someday my Prince will come….(Snow White)

  1. Ah! Bring on your Prince and a change of clothes!! Pena Palace does indeed look magnificent! Stunning scenery yet again! Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. Morning Michelle – was begining to miss your daily messages. This morning Michael came in to give Greg final instructions and it was about 9am and he told Greg that he was leaving at about 11am for the airport. So it is now 11am so you will be glad to know that he is on his way. Tomorow you can have a change of clothes. We know that the siblings and partners are leaving on Thursday so we will take care of everything until Ellie comes home. HOW EXCITING FOR YOU!!!. Lots of luv and best wishes to you all. ENJOY!!!!! Di, Greg and Michael. xxxxxooooo

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