Hey mambo, mambo Italiano….(Dean Martin)


We have now begun the Italian leg of our journey. Tania and I arrived in Rome on Saturday and immediately hit the streets on a food tour….we were hungry for adventure and pasta.  The boys (with our clothes) eventually arrived on Sunday. After their long flight, Sunday became a bit of a blur for them. We visited a few sights but the heat and crowds eventually took their toll and sleep was eventually  sought.  I was also able to catch up with my Mum who had just completed her 10 day whirlwind bus tour of Italy and was going to spend the next fortnight with us.


Not a drop of water for a coin at the Trevi Fountain.

This leads me to today, Tania and I part company for a few days as she stays in Rome with Murray to finalize the wedding paperwork and Michael, Mum and I travel by train to Florence, the Renaissance revisited!
We have a wonderful two bedroom apartment near the train station, above a restaurant and between two churches. We are definitely blessed.


Our 2nd storey apartment.


My mamma!


Ponte Vecchio

The first night ended by watching the sunset over the city from Piazzale Michelangelo. Bellissimo…and buona notte 😌





5 thoughts on “Hey mambo, mambo Italiano….(Dean Martin)

  1. G’day mate – You must be so happy now – with Michael and Mum being with you and your cherubs arriving by the end of the week. Have a great ‘family holiday’. Kristine and Mitch (basketball) are off to Japan on Friday and I was going with them but Greg talked me out of going because he said I walk too slow. I am now really disappointed as my one and only nephew lives in Japan and I could have caught up with him as Sis and Mitch will. Jackson playing in state championships (AFL) at Burpengary and Gavin staying to take Jacko. Love you short stories . Have a great time. Luv Di, Greg and Michael oooxxx

  2. G’day Michelle and Jude,
    Great to see you in Florence. Fabulous photos as always but I love the one of Jude in front of the Pontio Vecchio.
    Have lots of fun.
    Peter and Sindi

  3. Hello Michelle and Jude,

    I was some way through a long letter to you on this email a few days ago. There was I waxing lyrical about you 2 in Rome hoping you will be getting the most out of the time with some emotion thrown in. Wouldn’t you know something swallowed the bliming email and neither I (nor John) could not find it. I can’t repeat it here – my short memory is not so good these days. However, Katy and I are with you all the way. We love reading the Blogs or whatever they are.

    Lots of love from the Scotts.

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