I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…. (Queen)


We completed our 323km ride from Belgium to the Netherlands on Friday with a hectic ride through Amsterdam. We had been happily cruising around along country bike ways for the past week with occasional small town stops for coffee and speculaas (dutch biscuits). Arriving in the  dutch capital, we had been warned to be assertive with our cycling and take extreme care with cars, trams and other cyclists. Unlike in the smaller towns where cars would stop for the fifteen of us to cross, this wasn’t going to happen here. This is a big city, clogged with tourists and canals.


Our group

We cycled up to the top of the largest bike park I had ever seen. Apparently there are over 3000 bikes parked here near the train station and that is not including the bikes chained around this park.


We departed the good ship, the Zwaan on Saturday and have spent the weekend living like locals in a forth story loft apartment. We have seen a few of the sights including the Van Gogh Museum; strolled through Vondelpark; taken a canal cruise; consumed a cocktail in The House of Bol; quick stepped through the Red Light District; enjoyed the flower market; admired the view from the Public Library; and wandered the canal-lined streets of this bustling city.



More importantly,  we had seven glorious hours with Chloe. It was great seeing her again (mid-tour for her). The day was unseasonably hot at 34 degrees, so we stopped at plenty of places for refreshments- The House of Bols was a favorite. We also spent some time shopping for shoes as she had just broken her sandals on the way to meeting us- such a Chloe thing to do. We finished the day with a great dinner at the local restaurant across from our apartment. Crossing our fingers, we may have another chance of seeing her in Paris just before we fly home.



So we leave mainland Europe tomorrow to cross the ditch to Scotland. From Euro to the Pound we continue our holiday…och aye!


9 thoughts on “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…. (Queen)

    • Thanks Sue. We had a couple of Scottish lads on the bike ride with us and Michael found it very difficult to understand them! It will be another interesting time 😀

  1. oh! wonderful photos and you write so easily and with flare!
    I’m tearing up just to see you having such a fabulous time !
    Stay safe dear Shelle xxx

    • Thanks Jenny 😊
      I hope all is well with you and work. I’ve still been getting some work emails and I shiver at the thought of learning the new meal ordering system. Sounds a bit chaotic!

  2. Hi Michelle – Elly and Connor are home and so is Toby – which you probably know anyway. We have not seen or heard them so I gues that were a bit jetlagged and have been sleeping. Glad you enjoyed your cycling adventure in this BIG holday. You write the most incredilbe stories and take the most remarkable photos.
    I think I am now beginning to miss you – you have been gone for such a long time. Looking forward to seeing you. Enjoy the next leg of your wonderful trip.
    Luv Di xxxxoooo.
    What a wonderful experineces you have had – you will never forget ‘Chelle turning 50’.


    • No I certainly won’t forget this trip 😊 Would you believe only a little over 3 weeks to go!
      Elly says that she is back at work today but still jet lagged 😩

  3. Hello you lovely people.

    What a great way to spend your last day in Europe –with Chloe xxxxx. Such a beautiful photo with your drinks lined up. That, I think, while you have many special ones, the drinks lined up and you 3 , takes the cake.

    Och aye and all . We saw the flame getting closer to Glasgow on TV today. We hope the weather ( raining )is better for the next two weeks. Glasgow is where your great grandma was born in 1880 and sailed to Mackay in 1883 with her parents and one brother and sister.There is so much history in that place. Oh and yes John Scott was born in Glasgow in 1935! We will be hoping to see you both on TV at the Games.

    Lots of love A Moll and U J.

    • Hi all,
      Yes we are in Edinburgh now living across the road from The Queen who is at The Palace at Holyrood. We are literally across the road from the entrance with the police guard at ever present. We are heading to Glasgow next Friday but will be watching the opening ceremony on the telly here.
      Xxxx Chelle

  4. Hi Chelle – yep Amsterdam is fantastic ( a bit biased) … how wonderful that you saw Chloe for SEVEN hours… I really hope that you see her in Paris!
    x trace

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