On a clear day…..


London called……and it delivered. We were blessed with lovely English summer weather, similar to Melbourne really.  More importantly we were blessed with another day with Chloe as she flew in from Germany yesterday and we are leaving for Paris today. More in that day later.


We flew down from Glasgow Monday morning with quite a few of Team England including the Super Diver Tom Daley….all snuggled together in economy on Easyjet. We threw the bags into our Airbnb house and then hit the town. It was crowded in Leicester Square as we lined up for our cheap theater TKTS but that was because Sly Stallone was in town with his other Expendable cronies opening their why-did-they-make-another sequel. We decided to go to Once, the musical, which was highly recommended and extremely well done.


Tuesday saw us on a day long bus tour to Windsor,  Bath and Stonehenge.  It rained part of the day so we were glad we weren’t driving or walking from place to place. Bath is a town that needs quite a few days in, so it is definitely on the bucket return list.




We needed a rest day on Wednesday and an early night, so we just visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and managed to fit another show in, The Pajama Game.  A bit dated (1950’s) but hey whilst in London, you see shows!


We caught up with Chloe at lunch yesterday and celebrated by a taking a ride up the tallest building in town, The Shard. The view was spectacular and luckily clear from the top as Chloe pointed out landmarks of her London life. Then it was time for one last show, Let it Be. More of a Beatles tribute band than a musical, as we sang and rocked on to the hits of the Fab Four.



Goodbyes are hard but we are hoping to see Chloe one last time on Tuesday night as she takes her group to the Eiffel Tower, she has a couple of hours free for one last mumma hug. We are on the last leg….


4 thoughts on “On a clear day…..

  1. Can’t believe it’s nearly over for you. Great to catch Chloe again 🙂 Hopefully you can do it again in Paris. I look forward to hearing more when you come home. It’s been wonderful to share your journey.

    Sue xx

    • Hi Sue,

      Mixed feelings in saying goodbye to Chloe but I am definitely looking forward to saying hello to my bed😊
      Also can’t wait to see everyone again and have a hit and giggle on the court😀

      See you soon
      Michelle xxx

  2. Loving all the pics, esp the one of you, Michael & Chloe. The green countryside looks beautiful. You look so happy with Chloe 😊. You also look like you’ve lost more weight :-)).

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