Time to say Goodbye… (Andrea Bocelli)


I began this holiday three months ago under the Eiffel Tower with my friend Tania on our short stop over before walking the Camino de Santiago. I end it in the same place, as Michael and I say goodbye to Chloe before our long flight home tomorrow. 



Paris is such a wonderful city. We have explored new arrondissement’s in our quest to live like a local and have enjoyed “getting lost” as we cycled mapless on our Velib bikes with baguettes in the front basket. We have stopped to enjoy the sounds of the city and sipped many coffees in corner cafés.  This is a great place where observation is a national sport as all chairs face out towards the world as life passes by.




We also visited the Grand Palace of Versailles.  We cycled around the grounds and ate our lunch on the Royal Picnic grounds. Unfortunately it rained periodically on our cycle tour but that didn’t stop these seasoned traveller’s squelching through the Grand Palace. Our favorite place was strolling around the garden enjoying the piped opera music as we escaped the crowds.




So farewell Europe.
Take good care of our girl.
Hopefully we will visit again but it is time we go home. Thankyou to all who followed my adventures but it is goodbye to the blog as well. Au revoir and safe travels to all.


10 thoughts on “Time to say Goodbye… (Andrea Bocelli)

  1. Can’t wait to see you!!! I have so loved travelling with you via your blog. I will miss the pics and updates but look forward to having you here in person. What a wonderful adventure it has been. Well done my friend – you have created memories to last a lifetime. Now the planning begins for the next one!! Travel safe, God bless and I’ll see you SOON xxoo

  2. Noooooooo 😰! It’s gone way too fast and you may have a future in front of you as a travel blogger!!
    I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing all your great photos although it will be lovely to see your face at work again. Work? You ask… What is this ‘work’ I speak of?! 😳

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. It’s been an absolute dream following you. Safe travels home. Can’t wait to catch up with you in person! Xxx

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