Mamma Mia, here I go again…(ABBA)

My my, how can I resist you?


I have fallen under the spell of the Camino. After last years effort of walking the 790km from St Jean Pied de Port, to the bones of St James in Santiago, with the wonderful Tania, I have dreamt about returning to the Spanish trails again. This year I will be walking beside my beloved husband of nearly thirty years as we traverse the quieter and some may say, more picturesque Camino del Norte. Alas with just two weeks planned including flight times from Australia, we shall only be walking at most twelve days. We know our starting point is the town of Irun on the Spanish – French border but the finishing post will remain a mystery only known by the power of our legs and feet.


We have completed a few training walks but have yet to break the thirty kilometre barrier, with a loaded backpack, in the pouring rain. Most of our walks have been beside the beach on gorgeous sunny days with a few climbs up heartbreak hill on Panorama Drive in Tallai (which family and friends know the pain of all to well). I feel more nonchalant this Camino. I have already proven that no matter what the pace or the conditions, I have the determination to get anywhere. Michael is a different variable altogether. Sure, at 63, he is a very fit and able man but when the going gets tough, Michael might not want to get going. At least he has promised not to complain about the heat no matter how hot it gets, as he knows that I will sooner hog tie him to a nearby post than continue on with the complaints. (Thirty years of love and understanding there folks). Lucky for both of us, the weather forecast is looking “delightful” (their word).

So strap yourselves in for another walk across the top of Spain with this wunderlusted soul as your guide. Our first flight is due for take off in a few hours. So the journey continues…


5 thoughts on “Mamma Mia, here I go again…(ABBA)

  1. I am soooo looking forward to travelling with you again (and Michael this time) and getting to experience “the walk” through your eyes and feet. Safe travels my friends – my thoughts and prayers will be with you. Lots of love xxoo

  2. We so look forward to following your blog once again, and feel very excited for you. Our very best wishes to you both – so wonderful to anticipate. Maybe the camino del Nord is our next one too, so will follow you with great interest – it is said to be so beautiful. May you both have an amazing time, be blister-less, have snore-free sleeping companions, fair weather, and kind hills.

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