Kiss today Goodbye, and lead me t’ward Tomorrow. ..(A Chorus Line)

Where does the time go?

After leaving home and travelling for thirty-four hours via car, train, plane, plane and 2km walk, we have finally made it to Irun. Not quite Fantasy Island but a place with a bed to my name and the start of tomorrow’s Camino del Norte. The journey from Australia is always laboriously long but compounded by a fourteen hour flight crammed into cattle class in a seat with no ability to recline let alone mold to my body, made the trip more strenuous. The final flying leg into San Sebastian Airport, which ironically is closer to Irun than San Sab, Michael became impatient waiting for the bus, so we ended up walking into Irun. We even spotted our first yellow arrow. In the end of a very long day, we mercifully made it.


Passing through Dubai.


A bit too close for comfort over the French Riviera.

So now you may be asking why, oh why Michelle would you walk another Camino. I mean, I came, I walked, I saw the bones of St James last year on the highly popular Camino Frances.  However the allure of walking another less travelled Camino was always strong in me. I also wanted to share this spiritual journey with Michael (in the hope that he will mellow out a bit maybe). So it was the Northern Way we set our sights on.


In fact there are many Ways to St James, crossing Spain, Portugal and the wider Europe, that are becoming more inquisitive to us wunderlusted vagabonds. A Camino can be a very spiritual pilgrimage to some but for me, it is an opportunity to remind myself about some of the best values a human being can have living and sharing with people from different cultures and origins. In this maniacal mayhem of everyday living, it is a chance to slow down the pace and find peace in its simplistic form surrounded by natures beauty and a travelling community of like minded souls.


Our first yellow arrow.


11 thoughts on “Kiss today Goodbye, and lead me t’ward Tomorrow. ..(A Chorus Line)

    • Thanks Jenny.
      Oddly we have woken up early (5am) and are just waiting till the dawns light before we leave on day one. We’ve seen the hill/mountain we have to walk up today. Pretty steep! Xx

  1. Great to know you have arrived safe and sound and are already walking!!! I hope this journey holds all that you hope for and that you and Michael create many wonderful memories for you both to enjoy in the future. Happy walking xo

  2. Thank goodness you have made it.. Have been trying to think where you might be every few hours…. Now the trip proper begins and the nightmare of the flight is just a weird memory. ENJOY and stay safe Will keep up with you on your newsletters which are as usual very touching…. love Mum

  3. It sure doesn’t take you long to go almost around the world by any mode of transport . You only left on 24th and today is 26th and you are already on your walk. We hope that you get to see what you are seeking for in the next two weeks. Love your blogs. Stay safe.
    Greg, Disii and Michael

  4. Got into bed and desporately clicked on emails hoping for a post & yeah……..😃
    Bummer about the flight conditions-can imagine you are enjoying stretching out in your bed.
    What a fantastic sight those yellow arrows are☺️😊
    Michael looks relaxed and ready to go in the pic.
    Happy walking tomorrow…bring on the infamous ‘shadow picture’….xxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Guys,
    Hope you are going great and no – blisters or sore feet. We are reminded of you both every day as we read your ‘blogs’.
    Stay safe and we will talk again soon. Does sound great for relaxing!!!
    Luv Greg, Di and Mick

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