I will follow you… (Sister Act).

Day two- San Sebastian to Getaria 27km (counting getting lost…again)

I’m going to skip over the part were I tell you that my washing didn’t dry from the day before and I had to wear wet knickers. Also I will omit the part were we got lost going out of San Sebastian as we walked and rewalked the stretch of La Concha beach Boulevard weaving in and out of the all night party goers calling out Buen Camino. No I shall start now..


Another kindly local took this photo nearing the end of our day. Note the land in the backgound-as far as the eye can see, we walked that.

It was all uphill again (ugh) as we walked out of a waking San Sebastian Sunday morning.  We hugged a coastal road for a bit passing the odd (tempting) bus stop until we began the undulating trek through the farmlands rimming the blue waters of the Bay of Biscay. Our first morning passing pilgrims were Spanish locals out for a meander along the coast. We followed these three musketeers as they pilfered anything that hung over the path. I tried my first (very fresh) fig as we caught up to them snacking on this forbidden fruit. It was delectable.  Alas most of our fellow non-backpack carrying walkers easily passed us as they talked non stop whilst going uphill.


Michael following the three musketeers.

Then we finally met two dinky-di pilgrims.  The first was a German man from Munich,  Fulcko (?), that started in Hendye (on the French border with Irun), on his third Camino and carrying a 13kg pack. We thanked him for being the only other person carrying a bigger pack than Michaels (10kg) as he zoomed past us. Then there was the retired Odilè who walked out of her door in Avignon six weeks ago and was setting a cracking pace as well. The rest of the hordes of day trekking locals who constantly passed us, were admired for their stamina and endless chattering. 


Michael took this photo of me as I tried to dry my knickers on my backpack.

Our first stop was just before lunch on a little town nestled on the river called Orio. Cute but absolutely crazy in the preceding two hours to get there.  Walking on uneven stones/boulders is not an easy task. Then add a descent of 20%, well let’s just say that our toenails needed extracting from our shoes in Orio.


A difficult walk.

Then another walk up and down to Zarautz, weaved us around the river and then through a vineyard. The descent into this popular summer town was breathtaking. Zarautz is rimmed with the regions longest beach-2.8km of course yellow sand dotted with brown Spanish bodies is a marvelous site. Yet we didn’t stop as were on a mission.


See how happy Michael is doing another uphill stretch.


The view into Zarautz.


Zarautz beach.

Zarautz was suppose to be the end destination on our Camino guide for the day but even though we were akin to walking zombies,  we thought we might just have the last 6.8km stretch of flat coastal walking in the bag. So we continued on to Getaria and into the welcoming arms of another Pensiòn.


I end with a small history lesson. In 1519, Magellan and a fleet of five Spanish ships set off to circumnavigate the globe. Even though the kudos of discovery was given to this famous explorer, he actually died in the Philippines, and the little known Juan Sebastian Elcano , from this little sleepy town of Getaria,  returned to Spain three years after leaving,  with just one ship and eighteen crew. A true hero in my books. Not so back then as the cause of his death at the tender age of 50 was malnutrition.  So I stood at the foot of this deserving statue and praised the adventurer to whom all credit should be applauded.

Our adventure will again begin tomorrow and you guessed it, it starts with an uphill climb…best to keep that info from Michael.



9 thoughts on “I will follow you… (Sister Act).

  1. WOW! You have a great attitude Michelle. I’m in awe of your positiveness despite the challenges you’re facing. All well here. Off to work soon & I will be thinking of you. Xx

  2. Loving the photos…..not so much the hills!! Yesterday I was feeling a touch jealous and wanting to get on a plane and join you two, but the thought of those delightful hills are bringing back memories 😔, so maybe not.
    Loving the read….’keep on walking’. Xxxx

    • Oh Tania. This is tough. I think it is mostly the rocks which, as you know my immense fear of falling down, makes each step a challenge. Onward and (unfortunately) upward hey!

  3. It appears to be going well for you at the moment and hope it stays like that until you finish. You Michelle, should write a book(like your Dad did) on all of your travels We are enjoying your blogs and photos so keep up the good work. All seems to be good in No 9. Have not seen Elly and her friend but Toby is quiet so I think they are there and feeding him. Stay safe.
    Disii, Greg and Michael. xxx

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