Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside…

Day Five- Probena to Castro-Urdiales 14.6km.


Sleep came in short bursts last night, as the sound of twenty-two exhausted pilgrims engulfed the crammed Albergue. All in one room, we smelled delightful as well. Needless to say, we left the Albergue de Perigrinos before sunrise again. Luckily in this small sleepy town, a bar was opened to cater for the coffee dependent Camino crowd. We finally summoned the courage to begin the first climb of the day at 7.45am (sunrise was at 8.11am).

This stage began with a short 120 step climb to a recreational path, hugging the hillside, that use to be the railroad track that would carry iron ore to the waiting ships. Hence it was delightfully flat. For this first hour, we were alone with the moon guiding our way and the rising sun on our backs.  It was truly a stunning walk along the steep cliffs that fell away to the azure sea.




A ladder to the Moon.

We had one decision to make; to stay on the coastal route or walk 5.3km longer into the countryside eventually rejoining the coast before arriving in Castro-Urdiales. Of course we chose the coastal route which may have at first entailed a few kilometres of road walking,  but after just one almighty hill climb, the rest was plain sailing down to this beautiful harbour town. The time went by so quickly as I chatted away with fellow pilgrim,  Marcia from San Francisco whom we had met in Pobena.  Before we knew it, we were walking on the promenade into town and it was only 10.45am.



Yesterday, after noting the amount of pilgrims walking, I had decided to book our accommodation ahead to assure that we had a bed for the night. In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best decision as it was another short day for us and we knew it was going to be a long day tomorrow.  However Michael was feeling a bit tired; the Pensiòn La Mer that we are staying in, was recommended by a few previous bloggers as a great place; and, we ARE on holiday. So this afternoon we relax and siesta like the locals and tomorrow we’ll see how far our feet will take us.



7 thoughts on “Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside…

  1. it looks like you are having another wonderful adventure. The scenery is glorious. Glad that you have had a day to stop and smell the flowers or enjoy the view as the case may be. Keep the pics coming and stay upright!

  2. Michelle and Michael – you just amaze us with your photos and story – it makes us feel like we are there with you – walking beside you.
    I am having trouble reminding myself that you only left last Thursday – so you have only been gone one week and you have travelled so much.
    Love receiving all of your blogs and photos. Keep up the good work.
    Stay safe!!!!!!!
    Disii xxx

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