You know you’re near your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away… (Simon & Garfunkel).

Day Seven- Laredo to San Miguel De Meruelo. 22.5km.


The start of the day.

After last night’s Pilgrims Mass, where only four of us received a blessing, someone must be looking out for us. While we were having dinner post-mass, the rain began to pour, then stopped as we went to leave the restaurant and walk back to our bed in the monastery.  We had heard the rain off and on during the night and wondered how we would go sliding through the slush today.


The view on Playa de Laredo o de Salvè.


On the four kilometre was on the Promenade to the ferry.

After the nuns laid out our meagre breakfast of coffee and cake, we  meandered down the promenade beside the beach to catch the first ferry across to Santoña. Paying the ferryman two euro for the ten minute ride, we were deposited near the centre of this little town, famous for being the birthplace of Columbus’ ship, the Santa Marìa. Here we had our second breakfast of the day whilst donning our raingear for the coming shower. By the time we passed the long walls of the prison and went on the beach at Berria, the sun was out and the raingear was again off, for the day’s climb was about to begin.


On the ferry crossing.



We had been warned about this scramble up the red-earthed hill that devided the beaches of Berria and Noya. The path was billy-goat rated. The views were stunning, but on the way up we realised that the descent would be on a slippery slope which indeed Michael proved. He fell not once but thrice on the way down. Out of five of us traversing the path at the time, Michael was the only fall guy. Luckily he was not injured on any of the falls except for his bruised ego. We were all pleased to reach the relative safety of the vast Noja Beach, which subsequently took over an hour to walk into the town.


Part of the hill climb!


There are 2 goats in this picture. well as Michael.


The view from the top....before the 3 falls.


Reaching the beach.

The rest of the day was spent weaving in and out of farmland on rural roads. Our plan was to continue on to an albergue in Guemes which was described in our guide book as one of the best on the Norte. Alas that would have made it another thirty kilometre day. We were both weary and the sky was threatening with rain, again. So by 3pm, whilst walking towards the Albergue de Meruela, something told us to stop. We are the only pilgrims staying the night in this lonely Spanish farmhouse and are currently waiting for our pre-paid  home cooked meal.



The town of San Miguel De Meruelo.


Our Albergue.

Someone is watching over us for sure.


8 thoughts on “You know you’re near your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away… (Simon & Garfunkel).

  1. Oh no….do hope Michael is ok….

    That ‘billy goat hill climb’ OMG-are you kidding me!!!! What an amazing effort guys-hats off ….

    Hope the dinner was amazing & the sleep sound.


  2. Hi Michelle and Michael – You guys are awesome. We cannot believe what you are doing (again). I do hope that Michael did not do too much damage during his falls. We are wondering how far do you walk until you arrive at your destination.
    We are thinking about you and now you must be somewhere close to the ‘end of the road’.
    Stay safe.
    Di, Greg and Mick

  3. Sunday morning here… Hope all is well and that you are just having a rest from the blog………Beautiful day here and the football is on this afternoon so should have a good day…….. Love always Mum​

  4. Looks amazing, Michelle… I’m so jealous that you beat me to it! Can’t wait to meet up again and hear all about it. Until then, stay safe and dry and enjoy all the blessings of this pilgrimage. Buen Camino!

    • Hi Rhonda. It certainly is gorgeous countryside up here on the Norte. We have only a couple of days left of walking before we fly home on the weekend. We will enjoy it while we can. Xx

  5. Maybe Michael thought he could hop about like a goat?
    How’s the food ?
    Working today – the usual except its a public holiday. Xx

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