Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you… (Crowded House)

Day Nine- Polanco to Còbreces 23.4km.

The rain that has been threatening to put a dampener on our Camino arrived this morning. We left this morning in full wet weather gear, prefering to walk in the rain than stay longer in the tiny Polanco Albergue. Walking even slower than zimmer-framed geriatrics,  we inched along The Way, being careful not to fall on the slippery paths. The worst offender, identified as the place of highest fall potential (in our opinion), is anywhere near a fig tree. With so much fallen fruit, the tree’s are danger zones for the sliding pilgrim. Word to the wise- these are definitely places to avoid.


Weather - proof.

It took us nearly two and a half hours to walk the ten kilometres to Santillana del Mar, which was described in the guide book as one of the most picturesque stopping points on the Camino del Norte. Well not for us. Certainly it has it’s charm, as evidenced by all the tourists spilling out of the busses and walking around the cobblestoned streets. In the rain, these streets are a fracture just waiting to happen.  We stopped and got a stamp for our credentials from the Turismo Office;  had a coffee from the cafe whilst using their wifi; then continued on, when there was a break in the weather.


The Plaza Mayor in Santillana del Mar.


The Way out of Santillana del Mar.

Wandering through the countryside again, we were at times, blown up the hills with the prevailing wind gusts. We were so glad that we didn’t have this weather yesterday when we were walking beside the cliffs, otherwise it would have been adios amigos. However there were so many beautiful churches and stunning vistas to enjoy on today’s walk through Cantabria.


Ermita de San Pedro


A local from Oreña.


Walking towards San Martin de Ciguenza.


Walking through the autumn leaves.

After saving money on last nights accommodation (10 €),  we decided to splurge and stay in a Posada. Not quite the opulence of a Parador, which we walked and drolled past in Santillana del Mar, but still a nice comfortable inn/hotel to recharge our batteries and hang all our washing all over the room without offending anyone. The Posada Las Mañanitas in Còbreces is a great choice. The view out of our window, over the town and out to the sea, is worth every penny. It’s nice to splurge occasionally.





4 thoughts on “Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you… (Crowded House)

  1. I agree with Tan. You are both amazing … Your commentary is better than a travel book. Refreshing & real. God bless. Xx
    Ps an anniversary!!! Yay.

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