To dream the impossible dream…

Day Ten- Còbreces to San Vicente de la Barquera 21.4km

Today started out as an impossible scenario on many levels.


Firstly, today is our thirtieth wedding anniversary.  Through thick and thin, good times and hard times, we have forged through life’s challenges together. It may not have been all plain sailing but it has been our journey together. Much like the Camino, we have taken each stage, one step at a time to achieve our dream. We are both grateful to have each other in our lives as we continue to persue a life of love, happiness and togetherness. 


This is what thirty years of marriage looks like- even with bumps in the road.

Secondly, we woke up to a blackened sky and a rainy day Monday.  The forecast was looking grim as we googled the weather map and saw a thick band of rain over this part of the Norte. We were starting to make contingency plans for a shortened Camino, when the rain ever so slowly,  started to ease. On our distance tally, we had walked 196.1km and we both wanted to get over the 200km mark- an achievement for us to look back on. So again, donning all our wet weather gear, we walked out of our comfortable and cosy room at the inn and into the now easing storm. Our aim was to walk the 10.1km to Comillas, a larger town with a bus stop, and then make a decision to continue or to cave in. We continued.


Walking in the rain.

By the time the sun appeared, the humidity was liquidable. The scenery was an absolute joy to flow through. We passed through tiny towns like La Inglesia, Pando and Concha, that would simply be missed if driving on the highway. It took us nearly two and a half hours to reach Comillas for our coffee hit and a chance to dry off our sweat-soaked clothes. Being a Monday, a lot of the shops are closed but we stumbled into a small supermarket and purchased some bananas, chocolate and a Powerade (which came in use after sweating up a hill about an hour later). We also saw a couple from Poland who we had first walked with three days ago in Laredo. It was great to catch up with this husband and wife duo who told us that they had walked 40km yesterday to get to Còbreces.  Ouch, we would never have that much stamina. We walked together for about a kilometre when the husband said that he had to take it slow as his legs were still sore from the day before, so we walked on.


La Inglesia.


The bridge into Comillas.


This was an entrance to a golf course that we walked from the back into it.


Part of the golf course and the looming mountains.

We arrived at our final destination, San Vicente de la Barquera,  by 2.30pm. The walk into this fishing/resort town is spectacular as you cross the Puenta de la Maza. There is an eighth-century castle that dominates the skyline of this bustling town. The albergue has a wonderful view of the river but of course to get a view,  you always have to go up.


San Vicente de la Barquera.


Walking up to the Albergue.


Our home for the night.

We are a couple of happy pilgrims tonight.


10 thoughts on “To dream the impossible dream…

  1. Loving your photoblog and look forward to every post…. You are my official walking, nurse HERO!!! Come back soon, & safe and sound! 😘😘😘

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both… You have achieved a lot together, and I am blessed to have you both in our lives….
    Love you dearly

  3. You continue to amaze us!!! It must take all of your strength each day to get up and walk again. Did catch sight of Elly yesterday but she did not see me – hope all doing okay in No.9. I suppose that you already know that Cowboys won Grand Final with Broncos 17-16. Exciting to the last moment and then some. Hope that you are nearing the end of you journey. Belated Happy 30th Anniversary.
    Stay safe.
    Luv Di, Greg and Michael xxx

  4. Firstly, happy anniversary Michelle & Michael…love to you both…30 years is such an amazing achievement 😘😘
    What a view you guys are getting…loving the scenery. Well done for reaching over the 200km mark. So pleased for you both.
    Loving the blogs

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