Lets enjoy it while we can, On the bright side of the road… (Van Morrison).

Day Eleven- San Vicente de la Barquera to Buelna 24.9km

We have entered Asturias.


The shells in Asturias show you the direction of travel.

This is the third region in northern Spain that we have wandered through on this Camino. There are in fact four regions that are travelled through on this Camino del Norte; Basque Country (from Irun to Pobena); Cantabria (from Castro-Urdiales to Unquera); Asturias (from Colombres to Figueras); and finally Galicia (from Ribadeo to Santiago de Compostella). So we are excited to see a sampling of this region, even for just two days.

Before bed last night we wandered around the 13th century Gothic church of Santa Marìa de los Angeles,  which was situated just above our Albergue de Perigrinos and were treated to a spectacular sunset over the moors of the Brazo Mayor. It was absolutely breathtaking.



Today’s walk again featured plenty of farm life with cow’s and cattle galore. We also crossed a couple of rivers and walked for a distance beside the train tracks. There was an incredibly long slate path that led from the river at Unquera, up to the outskirts of Colombres which took our breath away in exertion and scenery.


A place to leave a message to other pilgrims.



This is the bar at Pesuès. We were passed by a flotilla of very old bikes and bikers.


We walked up the hill from the bridge at the Ria de Tina Menor.


Walking up from Unquera.

Unfortunately it again rained off and on for a few hours. We sought shelter in Colombres in one of the bars, to find that a few other walkers were there as well enjoying some lunch. For the last few days we have been keeping pace with six French-speaking Canadians from Quebec.  One of them is bilingual so we have been exchanging friendly banter with them since Santillana del Mar.  We also caught up with Fulcko,  the German man who we first met on Day Two when he breezed past us with his 12kg backpack.  Where we had skipped three stages ahead from Deba to Bilbao,  he has continued walking, averaging thirty kilometres a day. After lunch he set off at a cracking pace but decided to carry on rather than stay here in Buelna (he wanted to keep up to his average of 30km). We also met a lovely Spanish girl and her companion who we met yesterday that have decided to stay here as well. So we have a bit of the old travelling community spirit happening. All just in time as we have just 15km to go before tomorrow’s end of Camino for us.


Could this be Michaels doppelganger?

Tonight we are in another Albergue de Perigrinos run by a little Spanish lady who has already given me two hugs. Concerned that we might wake up our friends with our incredibly loud breathing/ some may say snoring, she put us in our own special room. Apparently this is the snorers quarters.


Who cares? We are all happy to be warm and dry in such a lovely Albergue.


Not far to go now.


5 thoughts on “Lets enjoy it while we can, On the bright side of the road… (Van Morrison).

  1. What an amazing journey….loving the sunset….
    Simply in awe of the long days….well done you two
    Last day tomorrow…bitter sweet feeling-to be finished but want to continue…until next year 😄what will I read day after tomorrow 😣, as I’ve truly loved waking up each day to your journey xxxx

  2. Hi Michelle. I’ve loved reading your amazing stories. I hope your walk finishes in Llanes, it’s such a beautiful little place. Porque is just a stroll further, but Llanes is much nicer to be the end of your walk. Good luck xx

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

    • Hi Elizabeth. Well we did finish in Llanes. Its as you said a beautiful little place. Walking around the old town feels as if you have stepped back into the middle ages. Its a shame we didn’t get to walk to Poo as we really wanted to say that we had stepped into there 😀. Oh well we had an amazing walk and it had to eventually end somewhere. Now the long trip back home begins. Xxx

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