Something so strong, could carry us away… (Crowded House).

Day Twelve- Buelna to Llanes 15.8km


Goodbye to our shadow friends.

This was our final day on the Camino del Norte. We have walked an impressive 267.2km in twelve days and more importantly,  have had a fabulous time along the way. We have had great conversations with each other and have met some wonderful pilgrims from all over the world.  This pace of life forces us to slow down and appreciate the small things that mean so much- like a warm and dry bed at night; enough food to appease hunger; cool and refreshing, drinkable water; sharing all the above with appreciative and like-minded companions.  There is something so special about the Camino way of life that keeps pilgrims coming back for more.


Bruno from Portugal, on his third Camino.

We started today’s walk a little later than normal (maybe we are finally adjusting to Spanish time). The day looked perfect. A little overcast but no rain clouds around. We bid farewell to our Camino family of the last few days; six Canadians and our Spanish friends,  Yolanda and Franco. Yolanda especially was such a sweetheart,  opening up about her health issues and translating all our conversations to Franco. It was also a sad farewell for the lovely hosteleria at the Albergue de Perigrinos who was so kind and considerate to everyone and their needs.


We walked through the sleepy town of Pendueles before joining the long distance footpath that took us close to the coast including past the Bufones de Arenillas, a geological series of blow holes. When the sea is rough enough it can spout an impressive 20m into the air. However today the spray was minor even though the sound of the air passing through these caves was truly powerful. 


Walking towards the Bufones.


It was a shame that the sea wasn't rough enough to send up a spray but the breeze was tremulous.

The approach into Llanes was breathtaking. With the sea to our left and the mountainous Pica de Europa out in front, the scenery was simply stunning.  Walking on a path next to the golf course for about 2km, high above the coast, we thought we would never descend into the town. Then with just one downward turn, we were walking into this beautiful seaside town.




Pica de Europa ahead.

We were in our hotel room (a celebratory splurge) by 1pm, then summoned the strength to explore the town after a late lunch. We attempted to purchase our tickets for the long ride back to San Sebastian tomorrow. Alas the station was closed. Seista you know.  We’ll just have to get the tickets tomorrow.  Ah mañana…see I am finally becoming Spanish. Now I’m off to get my chocolate con churros. I think I’ve walked enough for this delicious treat.


One of those buildings is our hotel.




11 thoughts on “Something so strong, could carry us away… (Crowded House).

  1. Biggest congrats to you both….wow wow wow…what a wonderful last day and journey…such a beautiful day to end this stretch of your Camino…
    Am so pleased for you. Am sure the churros was devine 😃
    Xxx to you both 😘😘😘

    • Thankyou Tania. It was different this time. I think you need more time for the Camino spirit to capture you- we were almost there with 12 days especially when we started to walk with the same people but that is how it goes. Michael enjoyed the walk although I did here him grumbling on the last hill climb. I guess that is just what he does. Now we begin the long journey home. Xxx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BOTH DONE WELL… DON’T OVERDOSE ON THE CHOCOLATE NOW ….. look forward to seeing you next week… Love Mum and Dad​

  3. Hey – what a marvellous trek you have both done. Great to see you to the finish. Congratulations on your achievements. Looking forward to your home coming to hear all about your adventure.
    Your blogs and photos have been GREAT and your blogs and photos have been just FABULOUS.
    See you soon. Stay safe.
    Luv Di, Greg and Mick. xxx

  4. Congratulations and well done, you two. Your journey has been an inspiration to us. To be able to appreciate the simple, basic things that we all take so much for granted, is a blessing. Keep safe on your journey and hope we can meet again sometime to talk about your Camino.

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