We’ve come a long way, from where we began…. (Wiz Khalifa)

“..and I’ll tell you all about it
When I see you again”

Welcome back to our journey to the Norte.


After walking twelve days and 267 kilometres of the Camino del Norte last Sept/Oct, we are back to complete the trek into Santiago de Compostella and hopefully onto Finisterre. Again we have a tight time frame to follow but are determined to go with the flow of our feet, the will of the weather and the lyrics of life.

After leaving home over forty-five hours ago, we finally arrived where we left off last year, in Llanes, Asturias, Spain. Being a night duty worker, I survive quite happily in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation but this long haul travel, essentially crammed into the confines of a flying sardine can, places this old carcass in a zombie-like trance were I resemble an extra in some B-grade horror movie sans makeup. Via multiple flights on the wings of Etihad, we were eventually extracted safely (but in desperate need of a chiropractor) in Madrid this morning. Our last flight leg from Abu Dhabi was delayed for ninety minutes as we sat on the tarmac in the wee hours of this Arabian night waiting for a couple of pieces of missing luggage to materialize. No one complained as we all worried that it might have been our belongings left behind. Michael and Iย  were relieved to collect our backpacks from the final carousel and scurried offย  just on time to make our final flight to Oviedo (our bags wisely stayed with us from then on). ย 

A rather large and beautiful city, rich in architecture and steeped in culture, Saturday afternoon in Oviedo was siesta central. Unfortunately due to all the delays in our flights, we only had an hour to take the 40km bus trip and then find the train station to purchase our tickets to Llanes. We wearily wandered the streets eventually stumbling into the train station where after a three hour ride on the rails, we disembarked into the familiar surroundings of Llanes. Then we were on foot from there.


Bags happily sitting on the train.


Outside Llanes train station.

I don’t know what possessed us to tack on a five kilometre walk after this insanely long day but I believe “getting the cobwebs out of our legs” may have been the impetus for this madness. The walk was glorious both as a visual spectacular and in a physical challenge. The path wound up and down through farmland and beside the tempered sea. Even walking through Poo was an eye opener. This small coastal town with the unfortunate name is packed with plenty of stunning scenery but you can’t miss an opportunity to take a photo of a Poo sign.


Poo art!

We walked into Celorio just on dusk and just as the threatening rain finally found us. So the last 800mt walking beside a darken highway was a bit tense. We finally found the Pension Marije at 8pm. So ends our first day. Tired and exhausted but happy to have found another yellow arrow to guide us along our way.


Entering Poo.


12 thoughts on “We’ve come a long way, from where we began…. (Wiz Khalifa)

  1. Well done Michelle. I was just picturing the soles of your boots and having a chuckle until I realized you were in a town.

  2. So good to hear you are safely on your way again. I love waking up to your stories but I’m feeling sooo jealous. Looking forward to the next installment. xx

  3. Again as Fay said – I did not realise that you had gone – we would have come in to say ‘goodbye and good luck’. Fay said she thinks that you had gone but was not sure but Greg and I thought that we heard Michael’s voice yesterday. However we also hope that you have a good walk as before and we wish you all the best for this walk you are now doing. You must have this walking bit down to a fine art by now.
    Hope to hear from you again soon. Luv Di and Greg

    • Hi Di ๐Ÿ˜Š Even though I have spent all but one year of my life walking, I am definitely feeling my age after todays walk. Tell Greg to keep throwing the “scraps” for Toby while we are away. It is his favorite time of day๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Great to hear that you arrive safely and are on your way. I am looking forward to journeying with you once again, albeit from the comfort of my desk and chair. Keep safe and enjoy xxoo

  5. Hello you two, you make our working in the garden, John doing a great job of repairing the “goat tracks on theterraces and me repotting Bromiliads. We surprise ourselves about what we are still capable of getting these jobs done. But it is not as strenuous as your current position. Thank you for sharing your travels. Love A Moll and U J

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