Handle me with Care…The Travelling Wilburys

Day 1- Celorio to Ribadesella – 25km

Oh help me now!


This sign came up in an opportune moment.

After sleeping like the dead last night in our little Pensiòn Mariaje room following our dinner of a banana and some cheese, we awoke to a soaked Asturias. The kindly Grandma who opened the breakfast bar early (8am) to appease the hungry hordes, told us in broken English that it had rained all night. The weather was apparently affecting her joints. It was to do the same to us (off and on) for the next seven hours.


Playa de San Antolin de Bedon

We left the Pensiòn satiated and dressed for a downpour. It wasn’t long until our shoes were soaked and coated in mud. The temperature hovered around ten degrees celsius most of the day although at times it must have slipped a little lower as I visualized my huffing and puffing on some of the uphill climbs.


In happy, non raining times, with the Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de los Dolores (Church of Our Lady of Sorrows) in the background.

We did see one French pilgrim -Michel- who thought it hilarious that we were all named Michelle. He was on day ten and henced zoomed past us very early. We won’t likely see him again. He said that he had only seen five pilgrims on his Camino so far. Maybe he needs to slow down.


The speedy Michel

We also saw a couple of biceregrinos in the beautiful town of Nueva. Michael gazed longingly at them as he envied their speed. Due to the wetness of the paths, we had to use the “bici” way a few times as negotiating the many puddles slowed us down to a crawl in some parts. We never saw any of the bikes on these detours.


Timing it just right with the biceregrinos.



On the Medieval Bridge near Nueva.

Limping into our final destination of Ribadesella in the rain, we were met by a local riding a bike with two dogs strapped to the handlebars.  He was selling us a room for the night at his place in the old town. By this time our frayed and saturated nerves only had one place in mind, the local (and cheap) youth hostel which the guide book stated was open all year. It lied. Luckily we just had the strength to go next door to the three star Hotel Ribadesella Playa. It maybe a little out of our Camino budget but the hot shower and warm bed was beckoning. I needed some pampering, and this is just day one.


Taken from our Hotel window and looking towards the uouth Hostel next door.


I was at the end of my tether when I read this...6km to go for today and 405km to go to Santiago!


8 thoughts on “Handle me with Care…The Travelling Wilburys

  1. Okay, you’re scaring me now. Michael is wearing shorts and a t-shirt! Not bad for a Q’lder. I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking after you

    • Don’t be fooled by his clothing. He usually is hot whilst walking and prefers to wear light clothes but as we were walking into Ribadesella -with just 1km to go- Michael had to stop and put on all his rain gear and a jumper. He was shaking with the cold. Because he stopped- I froze as well and my legs seized up. We were a fine picture of “walking stiffs” by the end. 😂😂

  2. You are both looking great even if you are feeling a little shattered. I hope the weather improves for you and your shoes stay dry. Keep up the good work – I have every confidence that you both will smash it!! Love Gaye xo

    • Thanks Gaye.
      It’s like any exercise- the first few days of adjustment are the hardest. But when you are cold and wet- well it’s just a little bit harder.

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