Human kindness is overflowing…Bette Midler

Day 4- Muros De Nalòn to Cadavedo- 35km.


Sometimes it takes a village.


Jose, Carmen and David.

Last night a plan was hatched to get us further than we ever thought was humanly possible. All this was made possible by the lovely three above. We were talking to David about trying to make up the 15km that we needed to add on to today’s stage, when we noticed that on Carmen’s blackboard she offered a bag delivery service. If we could get our bags delivered to the planned Albergue, then with a lighter load we could possibly make the foolhardy happen. Then in walked José.

An English teacher from Madrid, José uses four days of this Easter break each year to continue his cycling pilgrimage of the Camino del Norte. He was an excellent interpreter between us and Carmen who unfortunately told us that her fee of three Euros was just to get the bags to the next town five kilometres away. However she did have a phone number of a guy who runs a bag delivery service between Llanes and Ribadeo. In the end, José made four calls for us arranging Miguel to pick up our bags. Carmen was happy to stick around to give them to him at 10.30am and make the payment for us. Miguel said that he couldn’t deliver the bags to the Albergue at Cadavedo as they didn’t open till 12 noon but suggested a place where someone was always around, Casa Ina. José called them, organised our stay and a great price, then called Miguel back with the plan. All was in play. We just had to walk the furthest we had ever done. We didn’t want to let down the team.

Maria fed us our breakfast early at 7am but still we weren’t out the door until 8.10am. It was a great relief to walk without our loaded bags and with a spring in our step, boasting that we’d knock this 35km off in seven hours easily. Unfortunately the path to glory has many twists and turns,  and apparently plenty of mud.


So many trees and branches in the way today.


José riding ahead of us. We managed to catch up to him twice because of all the debris on yhe ground was making his progress painstakingly slow.


Plenty of puddles to jump.

It wasn’t until ten and a half hours later that we limped into Cadavedo and were met by our awaiting bags at Casa Ina. My Garmin step counter was buzzing all day as I broke so many personal records. In the end I step-slided-crawled just over 60,000. The locals we met along the way were so lovely and encouraging. They certainly lifted my spirits many times, and the 6% alcoholic apple cider at the 28km mark sure hit a few spots.


Now it is rest time.
Buenos noches kind world.


14 thoughts on “Human kindness is overflowing…Bette Midler

  1. I woke up and waited for your blog this morning.. You must be very tired and ready for the shower and bed… What and adventure Love Mum​

    On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 5:29 AM, The Travelling Chelle wrote:

    > mm4214 posted: “Day 4- Muros De Nalòn to Cadavedo- 35km. Sometimes it > takes a village. Last night a plan was hatched to get us further than we > ever thought was humanly possible. All this was made possible by the lovely > three above. We were talking to David abou” >

    • Oh Mum. It was so hard. I was holding on to Michaels walking poles in the end as he dragged me up the final few bends. But we are so pleased that we made it. Xxx

  2. Excellent effort !!!
    Thinking of you. Praying for you.
    60,000 steps !!!!
    How are your bodies.?
    Your writing is superb – how you manage to string words together & match it to pics … Well. I take my hat off to you. 😀 xx

    • Thanks Jen.
      We feel as if our bodies have aged 10 years, then we notice the elderly locals out in the fields, bent over planting something. We don’t have anything to complain about. xxx

  3. Oh my God all that mud and trees in your way. You’re really doing it tough. Gotta love the kindness and helpfulness of the Spanish though. There must be a song about squelching through mud all day, if not you must be inspired to create one…although the words might not be printable!

  4. Hello Folks,

    What stamina what determination and resolve. I think we all should pay you for this forerunner to The Book! Keep up the good work Michael.

    Much love Scotts and Kriegers.

  5. I am trying to comprehend all that you have done on this walk. Sounds like this walk is far more adventurous than the other walks that you have conquered. Everything ok in Mingaletta.
    Have a very happy Easter and enjoy!!! Luv Di, Greg and Michael xx

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