If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there….George Harrison

Day 6- Luarca to La Caridad- 31km


It was a dull and grey Good Friday but on the bright side it didn’t rain, just the occasional “refreshing” sprinkle. We left the gorgeous seaside port of Luarca early as we headed up the very steep climb out of town and back into the countryside.  We knew today was going to be another challenging walk carrying our heavily ladened backpacks the whole way. Although- sidebar – I have just found out that I am missing a shirt and a pair of knickers already on this trip. By the end of the Camino,  I may just be wearing one sock and a hat at this rate, so be warned about that photo.


On our late afternoon walk around the port of Luarca.


The cemetery of Luarca has one of the best views of the town.

There were nine pilgrims staying in the Albergue last night. It appears that the Spanish people are using this holiday period to walk some of the Camino. We came across a crowd of seven Spaniards who started out this morning and are hoping to get to Santiago by next Sunday. Mumma and Papa are our age and flanking them are their kids and friends. They had a great pace going for day one. Hopefully we’ll see them along the way.


Mumma and her two girls.


There were a few hill climbs today even if the book said it was relatively flat!

Michael is noticing that most days we are generally straddling the N-632 road as we tend to criss-cross it many times each day. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to persuade him to go off-road and follow the Camino Real. Twice today he looked down the slushy path and stood resolute on the N-632 pleading for the God of Reason to keep his shoes dry by sticking to the road for a change. Twice we followed our own blind logic, and further down the road, breathed a sigh of relief when we spied another yellow arrow.  We have been lucky so far and are beginning to see the sodden ground finally starting to dry up. Let’s hope the heavy rain stays away for a little while longer.


Passed many churches today. All closed.


Up thr garden path we go.

So it is the end of another exhausting day lying on the bed in our own little room at the Pensiòn Sayene. We looked at staying in the Municipal- a very basic Albergue de Perigrinos – but when tone deaf Michael saw that the singing was to start at 7.30pm before the communal meal AND we’d only get a top bunk AFTER washing our clothes in the creek, it was all just a bit too much for the old man. I’m happy to stay here tonight above the bar, with our own bathroom and the heater on.


9 thoughts on “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there….George Harrison

  1. Happy Easter to you both and thank you for your communication. Am always amazed at what you two accomplish! Good on you!!!! Some stunning scenery in amongst the mud 🙂 love Sue and Michael xx

  2. Hi Michelle and Michael – hope you are enjoying your Easter holidays. All of the photos are exceptional and we always get up and the first thing we do is turn on our computer to see if there are any messages of photos. Hope you are getting closer to the day and time that you have to catch up with Chloe. That will be great seeing her again. Happy Easter to you both. Keep up with your blogs. Lue Di, Greg and Michael xx

  3. Hi Michelle. My travel companion is more religious than I, and he’s been quite disappointed and surprised that we have not come across a single church anywhere, that is open.

  4. Happy Easter ? where did it go! We just love the shadows Folks -human and others. Theterrible winds seems to be prevalent. How do the locals put up with it?

    Thank you for bringing the beautiful scenery – urban and rustic.

    Lots of love The Scotts.

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