“Come here”, she said, “I’ll give you, Shelter from the Storm”…Bob Dylan.

Day 12- Sobrado to Arzua- 22km

Arriving in Arzúa, we have joined the Camino Frances for the last two days into Santiago. I was here with my “Frances family” in 2014 staying in the Albergue Don Quixote at the start of town. I remember it being such a hot day and we settled on one of the first Albergues on the way in to town. Today the approach was from the North, landing us half way along the very long main road in town. So I missed passing The Don and instead Michael and I opted for the two star luxury of the Pensión Begoña near the main Plaza.


The weather in the past twenty-four hours would put Melbourne’s reputation to shame. As we were packing last night, we looked out the window to witness thick snowflakes falling onto the road. The temperature plumetted from eight degrees to freezing in a matter of hours. Overnight the snow turned into drizzling rain. By dawn it was a patchy blue sky that greeted us on our walk to the cafe for breakfast.


Hard to see the fluffy white stuff.


The sun just coming up behind the Sobrado Monasterio.

Today we walked through so many rain showers followed by brilliant sunshine, that I lost count of the amount of times Michael changed in and out of his wet weather gear. Easily six or seven times I would walk past him in a state of undress. We saw glimpses of snow patches on fields not too far from us. Otherwise the wet road  kept our feet in a permanent state of cold dampness through to sloggy slushiness but still we soldiered on.


Passing snow on our way out of Sobrado.


A shower to come.


Just keep walking.

We knew we were at the back of the pack when leaving Sobrado, having guessed that there were around twenty- five pilgrims in the vicinity. However I think they all must have walked along the more direct main road to expedite as little time as possible in the annoying conditions. We faithfully stuck by the Camino shells and saw no one until the last hill into Arzúa. Three Spanish boys, one with a pronounced limp, were staggering (and singing) their way up the road. They said that they had walked one hundred kilometres in the last four days and were planning to push on for another fifteen kilometres.  We later saw them hooking up with a couple of the Catholic college girls presumably being directed down to their Albergue. Fun times ahead for them.


Tiring times for the oldies.


8 thoughts on ““Come here”, she said, “I’ll give you, Shelter from the Storm”…Bob Dylan.

  1. I feel for you both. We have experienced thunder, lightning, rain and hail today, but the party is starting up in the albergue now

    • Well enjoy the party while you can and the conversations with you fellow pilgrims. These people will be part of your Camino family for the next month.

    • Thanks Jen. It appears that the rain may have stopped overnight, so we can use our legs again, which is good as I didn’t pack my swimmers 😁😁😁
      Not long to go. Thankyou for your encouragement. It means a lot to us. Xxx

  2. Hi Michelle and Michael – I have not replied for a few days but have had family staying here for Easter and a few days after Easter – they are now in Surfers in a High rise for a few more days. You guys just inspire me so much you certainly take a punishing of the ‘old’ body’. You are just ‘awesome’ ‘unbelievable’
    and any other words that I can think of- you are all of them and more put together.We could all learn a lot from you and your experiences. Looking forward to seeing you whenever you come home. I think that you must be almost at the end of your walk. Luv Di, Greg and Michael xxx

  3. The songs you have chosen fit the bill each day.

    I am half expecting to see Chloe in the frame anytime soon. It will be a wonderful reunion and I know you will make the most of it.

    Chloe you must be so proud of your parents. They have such grit and determination. Enjoy the time together.

    Love The Scotts.

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