Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. ..Fleetwood Mac.

Day 13- Arzúa to Santiago de Compostella – 39km


Unbelievably, we have arrived in Santiago.  When we set out this morning, we didn’t have a destination in mind. We just thought we’d see how far we got down the path, then start out in the morning with just a gentle walk into the city. However, the day was the best weather we had had since starting the Norte. So we kept going.


Leaving Arzúa pre-dawn, it was a delight to walk with a few pilgrims leading the way.  We passed a few and a few passed us, and each time a greeting was exchanged. There was a buzz in the air. Everyone commented on the blue sky and absolutely no rain on the horizon. There was certainly some muddy paths to negotiate and even flooded gutters to jump across but overall it was a joy to stroll through the Galician countryside.


There was frost on the ground for the first few hours.


The half moon above the mist.


Here comes the sun.


The water running beside the path.

We stopped for lunch at the cafe in Amenal (at the 22km mark)- Tania, Elizabeth and I stayed in the Hotel here two years ago. Michael and I had a great conversation with a few Americans and Germans who had walked together for the last few weeks.  They had decided to stop in each bar they came to and celebrate the ending of their Camino. They were hoping to get to Monte de Gozo (which is just 4.5km from Santiago) but I’m dubious if they made it that far as they were already more than a little tipsy when we saw them. We did stop into this last Albergue before Santiago, but as it is described as “an unfortunate cross between an army barracks and a summer camp”, the pull of the downhill run into Santiago was far too great a calling for us. We had just enough energy in our legs to get ourselves “across the line” at the Praza do Obradoiro in front of the Cathedral.




After a quick photo, we made our way around to the Official Camino Office to collect our well deserved Compostella. Well the place it use to be is now closed up and a sign indicated that it had moved. Excellent. After finding our accommodation, showering and changing into people who just walk funny, we stumbled over to the new Office and received our Compostella.


Our home for the next two nights above a cafe. Yummm.


They are still cleaning the facade!

We both feel so lucky to have done this spectacular, sometimes hard, and truly amazing walk together. It is an achievement beyond parenthood or the stability of marriage that is quantifiably ours. We did it together.  And we have a certificate to prove it.



25 thoughts on “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. ..Fleetwood Mac.

  1. Congratulations Michael & you-how wonderful it would have felt 😄😊 an amazing joyous journey for you.
    Can’t wait to catch-up & see the pics.
    Enjoy Santiago & the catch-up with Chloe

    • Thankyou so much Tania. It was just magic walking in to Santiago again even though we were sliding between elation and exhaustion. We are going to the noon day service today and hope that the botafumeiro is swinging. Xxx

  2. Congratulations to both of you! It looks as if it was a rough walk and you did it! Hats off to both of you. Enjoy a well deserved rest and some Chloe time xx

    • Thanks Sue.
      We are enjoying our rest day today without packing up and strapping on a backpack. Yeah. Only a few more hours until we see Chloe. Xxxx

  3. Well done you two. Congratulations on a great effort. What will your next challenge be? Have a wonderful time relaxing – you deserve it! Enjoy the time with Chloe too (give her my love).

  4. Congratulations M and M !!
    Great achievement. I’m so envious of you both and your hard work. Now it’s time to party. Have a champers for me. Enjoy your time away as the grindstone is not going anywhere xx

  5. I am so so so so pleased for both of you that the walk ended on a bright note. ENJOY. You are both absolutely amazing. Congratulations xx

    • It was just the best day to walk into Santiago yesterday- in bright sunshine and with a gentle breeze cooling us down. We’re off to the service today and hopefully if I can attune my Spanish ears I will be able to here how many people arrived from the Camino del Norte yesterday. I wish your Spanish ears were here. Do you know that we were approached by what I think was the same lady who offered us a room two years ago 😀

  6. Congratulations……….You have done it …. Have a great time with Chloe Love from us all​

    On Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 5:47 AM, The Travelling Chelle wrote:

    > mm4214 posted: “Day 13- Arzúa to Santiago de Compostella – 39km > Unbelievably, we have arrived in Santiago. When we set out this morning, > we didn’t have a destination in mind. We just thought we’d see how far we > got down the path, then start out in the morning with ” >

  7. Woo hoo. Well done, especially with such inclement weather. I trust it didn’t spoil things in the big picture. It certainly makes for great blogging material

  8. HUGE congratulations to you both. You should indeed be incredibly proud of yourselves for what you have achieved. We have so enjoyed following your journey,thank you for sharing it with us:) Love Sue and Michael xx

  9. What An archievement! Take my hat of to you two. Enjoy your days of en the meeting with your daughter. Lex and Tiny XX

  10. Well – you have done it again. You are “AWESOME” Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about the next chapter of your adventures.
    Di, Greg and Mick xxx

  11. Have I missed something? Where is Chloe? Or did she came through when I wasn’t looking

    Whatever, it has been great to travel with you both.

    Much Love from the Scotts.

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