I am a fair, fat, flatulent, female losing my fertility as I near fifty!
Not only a description of me but also qualifying for the 5 f’s of cholelithiasis (keen observers will notice a 6th f but now I’m really sharing info here).
Thirty-three years ago, as I sat in class learning the marvels of the human body, I caught a glimpse of my future and it wasn’t pretty.
I will turn 50 on July 4th this year and decided to look forward to something not bile related. This milestone will be celebrated in style. After two years of planning, and with 14 weeks of holiday owing, so begins “the trip of a lifetime”.
Join me as I traipse across Europe with family and friends in tow.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Sounds like you are a fellow Aussie if you will be cheering Australia on at the Commonwealth Games 🙂 We shall follow so we can read more about your Camino preps as we too will be doing this! When do you leave for your trip?

    • Hello Wise Monkeys!
      Yes I’m from the Gold Coast. I’ll be flying out on the 9th May and be starting my walk on the 13th with my friend Tania.
      I hope that I can give you some much wanted info to at least quench the Camino thirst! Part of my prep included following a couple of blogs as well…..only made me want to do it more 😀

  2. Bon voyage Michelle!
    I envy you – I was preparing to walk the Comino this June. However, work and family commitments became a major priority. I still plan to walk in the not too distant future and look forward to following your blog.
    Stewart Eglington

  3. Hello “Travelling Chelle”,
    Thanks for reading and liking my blog posts about walking the Camino de Santiago – it looks like we have this in common! It’s always nice to have new readers on board so thanks for the support. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the near future, too.

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